Month: July 2017

Should be done step by step, the usual management should pay attention to the problem

many friends know that site easy to stand difficult, casually download a web site, the template does not need to change, directly tied domain name, upload space on the good. But the next promotion and regular updates, maintenance of the site part, you think of ease,


we should be careful and careful to do the following when we maintain the website at ordinary times,

first. Every day when you login to your site before, to use some "killing Trojan software, give your site for testing, to see if there was illegal intrusion system horse operation. If you can’t find the software for killing you, you can also visit the website backstage, view the site template page have appeared strange URL and code and so on, first of all to ensure the safety of users, if your site has been linked to horse, users will hate! Trojan horse is now the most afraid of users read more

The website is not recorded, be shut, how to restore the ranking after the shortest time

site is not recorded, after the resumption, how to recover the shortest possible time

unfortunately, my site of Yuyao forum, was shut in the storm last month in the record, he was very sad, but also can only obey the arrangement, closed the station for the record, and then is a long wait, the record is fairly smooth, after 20 days of

record down, but Baidu has put site home page to K out, only a few post pages, but after my efforts home third days to be released within a week, ranking rose to second place, because read more

What do we rely on to be masters of SEO

What exactly does

SEO rely on,


one, the change of the chain

in the past, the optimization of the site is very simple, depending on the signature of the BBS, you can put the site ranking up, but now it’s different. With the development of Internet and the development of search technology, more and more enterprises are optimized. Recently, Baidu have a new action, launched a new algorithm, called Scindapsus algorithm, mainly for some soft outside the chain. But pay attention to a point, a soft Wen can not appear in a large number of different websites, so it will be considered as garbage chain. The reason is that some people in order to save, copy and paste directly, if you want the text, the best is to write an original article. read more

Unemployed college students; the lives of mediocre grassroots entrepreneurs

in July 2007, carrying the endless nostalgia for university life, reluctantly left the university that has been with me for many years and entered the society. Rented a house in the center of the city, and began the same trilogy as most people: rent a house, find a job, make money, during which sad, only know.

because family conditions are not very good, and there is no social relationship, so in addition to the community must rely on their own, from the first day out of school, I told myself, do not want a penny at home. The job is hard to find, so you don’t have to say it, but you have to be familiar with computers and networks in school and have a free forum. By virtue of their network to understand that at that time into the Internet companies do telephone marketing, the main products are Yahoo agent for search and the shutters, after more than a week to start training, job is to call the customer, do not ask people to do Yahoo advertising, my Mandarin is yes but he is a introverted person, also began to just barely looked to contact customers casually call each other, of course, mood is good or bad, finally also contacted several customers, the manager also said there is trust me to do good, to take with me, said this time I know your heart is not suitable for doing this, it is not suitable for more than that is not love this job, he is training people wisdom people and communication skills, but his heart is very uncomfortable, perhaps is The decision, every day do work, heart is always empty, toss about for almost a month, I still quit the hard to find work, a salary did not go, to. read more

Where is the personal stationmaster’s way out

    personal webmaster brilliant maybe very hard after, because of a single model, weak marketing, personal website into a dead end: the construction of website content, website promotion, filling get traffic, advertising. With more and more personal website, homogenization phenomenon is serious, the contents of the old, rigid mode, website style is difficult to emerge, even if occasionally get some unstable traffic and users, also bring real benefits how to master.

      the importance of personal website on the Internet is self-evident, it is difficult to grow, but also in the business model is too old, in the eyes of many webmaster, personal website business model in advertising, in the homogenization of the situation. Therefore, individual owners need to transition, to provide more unique features, unique services, in order to continue the glorious era of the webmaster. read more

Novice station experience sharing

a few days ago, their site "love call center" finally successfully opened. On your website to want to build the site during the smooth opening, there have been many puzzled and confused, I believe a lot of new friends in this field the same as me, there are a variety of problems and questions. I will be following in the process of construction of some thoughts and share.

, site type selection and location:

first, I’ll introduce the selection and location of the website type. If you’re just making money for garbage stations, I think this article doesn’t have to be looked at, and it doesn’t have reference. If you want to be serious about standing, I hope you can get some inspiration from my thinking. read more

Four tips to make you dig the first pot of gold

entrepreneurs how to obtain important pot of gold? Here are four ways to dig the first pot of gold:

one, one craft,

said with a vast wealth, rather than have a slight skill by oneself. With this as the minimum objective is to my slight skill, their highest goal is to build up the family fortunes and a vast wealth.

Zhang Guoxi is the first billionaire in mainland China and the only entrepreneur in China to write his name on the planet so far. He was a carpenter and learned how to produce carved camphor wood boxes at a factory in Shanghai art carvings. With this craft, he got a lot of orders in Canton Fair, 20 camphor cartons, earned more than ten thousand yuan. read more

Geng Jie suggested webmaster how to operate the website

Hello I’m Geng Jie, today for the first time in the Admin5 submission through was enthusiastic editor, I feel very happy, I hope my article can help more people, like my happy net as computer can help many computer users.

many grassroots webmaster in the operation of the site, most will experience such a few stages:

stage 1: full of confidence, full of energy,


phase of the webmaster is the strongest fighting, may be because of a creative can’t sleep a night may be several days for a continuous creative work, full of confidence, come to mind their own future, a good. read more

Electricity supplier operators not pure technology, more absolute thinking is the benchmark

said the business operation, estimated that many bosses are TP and Taobao second and so-called experts to fool the confused, feel the Taobao business, is actually a very technical work, but only to implement the operation of the Jingdong, Taobao, and other electricity providers, said the root, is the main business, new technology brings electronic channels such as through bidding, Taobao and SEO are just marketing thinking incidental to the operation.

for the most simple example, presumably there are still a lot of people, many bosses and business practitioners, still blind competitors, this product what word come? What word transformation? Then I don’t want to go to the operation, to promote, in accordance with the hot search words of others. Go to the optimization of thermal conversion words. read more

Don’t be a forum

forum like this now I’m really scared. To me at this time of the vicissitudes of life to forgive his young frivolous and ignorance. There are many things to say. Please let me describe.

I began to establish energy-saving forum from 05 years, experienced a period of several times destroyed several times on 2008.2.14 reconstruction, I once again established. Maybe I found again is a mistake. Somehow, now thought to give up.

looking back, I have done all this is why. If energy-saving forum can develop, dare not expect, the first ten person often enough. But not now. There will be a short time. Even if there are ten people and can do what, I can’t think of. Even if there are hundreds of people how can a forum does not have its own characteristics it is not climate. As in the past dynasties in a change dynasties, not for a long time. The most difficult is that only one person I was lonely and lonely. But here in the forum I have in mind that thousands of people’s forum. It seems that I was greedy. read more

It’s better to use your website as a time to complain

the computer broke down the other day and it took ten dollars to fix it today. The money for the flower is still to be spent.

for several days without on-line, and suddenly found a lot of stations are K, and also includes some profitable good station, the mistake appears in a very idiotic link. A domain name space business did not renew, then all use alias resolution stations all hang up. Many stations in front of another error, PR just into 0, this time more stations Baidu included as 0. Change the link station customer service every day with me which station open, customers also request a return…… Really like a friend told me, who bitter, who knows. read more

Improper website revision leads to drop weight experience

before the Olympic Games on their to do a comprehensive revision, because the former version often have loopholes, but due to lack of experience, lead to drop right! Slowly learning experience, out for everyone to share, we want to help


one, first check what Google pages in the web site ranking, or other search engine rankings better.

for the already ranked web pages, these pages can not be deleted or revised, URL page here, and even on the content of the web page, do not arbitrarily change. read more

Help each other is really rookie, talk about webmaster quality and collaboration spirit

website QQ name shortly after the establishment of the first page of Baidu is still ranked the top 5, in order to reduce the directory under the impatient series, to Baidu included, in June 26th in the evening on the website of the overall "strike hard", the heart is very afraid, but I do not know why the heart is always in a hurry, maybe this is my lack of novice. Lingering fear spent a night, continued until July 10th, Baidu snapshot has been in June 26th, and in July 11th, snapshot is July 3rd. Hey. It’s crying. It’s killing me. Ranking flow is gone. read more

If you stop Taobao promotion costs, traditional enterprises how to do electricity supplier

[introduction] best buy network COO Zhang Xiaojun will leave, is currently handling the formalities. As the best buy network veteran, Zhang Xiaojun’s departure more meaningful, excellent purchase network really encountered a serious crisis.

Author: e-commerce expert Zhuang Shuai

recently executives drain badly hit the net again, July 17th news, according to best buy network insiders confirmed that the excellent purchase network COO Zhang Xiaojun will leave, is currently handling the formalities. As the best buy network veteran, Zhang Xiaojun’s departure more meaningful, excellent purchase network really encountered a serious crisis. read more

Analysis foreign trade vertical direction is appropriate

found it interesting to know the problem. I do not do foreign trade, but engaged in vertical electricity supplier related work, want to have a common environment, but only foreign trade enterprises are more detailed and more restrictions.

is the first to answer the question: is the vertical electricity supplier in the end there is no future? I think this is not a problem, from the Amazon to the Jingdong, who is not vertical born? Apparently promising, promising! The real problem is that now Amazon or Jingdong such as Taobao super comprehensive business platform to dominate the political arena under the condition of vertical electric small living space has been greatly squeezed, not good to do, the future is to continue to dig deep vertical, or to the integrated development of read more

Ding Tao talking about several major advertising associations in China

opens the dictionary to see the definition of an alliance: a group of two or more countries forming a union for two acts together. Also refers to the union of an individual or a collective or class. "I selected poems of · Sanhe water song" two: "in the three river, sworn brother alliance." Kang Youwei "the Datong book" B: "of the second chapter, the existing alliance body Tongli, which also states with the League of the same kind of teaching."

this time the definition of advertising alliance consulting some domestic advertising alliance of friends, also know about the development of the domestic advertising alliance, the answer is different, but the combined meaning is this: advertisers in a website advertising, advertising to more and more, can not digest so many of his ads, to this part of the advertising for some small sites to digest, and that a website like, I simply set up a coalition won, then advertising out, then we found that the alliance website earn money easily, without much effort, a man in the middle, to earn the difference, and so more people start advertising alliance, and now the flood of advertising alliance. read more

If you want to be a self media, ask what you will do first

now since the media is not hot, Lu Songsong, black millet, Feng Dongyang and so on, the concept of network promotion, in the webmaster circle is not a bit strange, imitation is more and more people. The reason is because these people have great value, I have from the media by a lot of money to get the money, fame, circle of contacts and other income, so a lot of people envious, imitation, operation people naturally more.

can not deny that the proceeds of the project will naturally operate, since the media is no exception. read more

A college student do stand hard Wangzhuan experience!

my university my dream? To the dream of the University, I was 05 grade when a new high school to get rid of the shackles of high school, ah want to play… That a play is a term, the term is really a waste of time it is now regret not learn something even if it is not my own professional technology or learn something else, every class is done like sometimes nothing is often skipping in the cafe, in a week is 6, free on Sunday with a group of brothers to go to Internet cafes overnight, now remember the night of the case as well as green happy bar pull. Oh. The truth I really don’t play games. Legend, world of Warcraft,… Not how will end even CS also forget instructions I don’t know how to spend in the Cafe.. so I Now regret ING… Hope young girls like money, not detours par… HA as a faithful told people soon graduated this is perhaps the only thing I can do it a blessing or a charge of. read more

Baidu’s ups and downs

Do the station

last month, about a week Baidu included me, more and more pages included slowly, 10 days in charge of more than 600, may be two days into more than 300, I think this is because some of it is collected. I insist on updating every day and developing links at the same time. Soon, Baidu’s volume began to increase, every day snapshots. My site traffic is also increasing by 10% per day, and I’m very happy. Of course, happy or happy, or to update and do links?. Soon, the flow is coming, 2000IP/ days, PV million. read more

Little brother taught you to predict the tens of thousands of IP on the latest keywords

read an article yesterday in the webmaster nets, "the most beautiful China hackers appeared every month to earn 15000 yuan, I immediately felt that this article must fire, at the same time try in Baidu search, found the four major portals are reproduced in the article, the site has seen hundreds, as can be imagined. The people of no less than about one hundred thousand, so the key words " YingCracker" search volume should not be small, at night I still mention a group of " YingCracker" the key is sure to fire, we can make a page optimization flow to pick up points, but no one cares about. Early this morning, open the computer in Baidu search " YingCracker", found that someone had already wrote a simple The early bird catches, article, collect relevant information on the yingcracker, second days on the row to Baidu home page, see this page hits that day brought him tens of thousands flow, and yesterday I inquired, in the first row is not the site, preliminary estimates, can give the site 2-3W traffic today. We can only admire this person’s information, insight is too strong, can be good at mining small competition, large flow of keywords, is the most smart way. read more