Month: September 2017

On the forum outside the chain to both a disadvantage

increase the chain is not on the site of the weight of how much impact, but his advantage is that more channels more opportunities to guide the spider to the site, the site collection also began to increase.


before the author in Shanghai Longfeng forum registered the account, also has the signature set to site links. Then add links to sites by posting replies in the form of the signature links to change to another site to send some post. Let’s see how the effect of Shanghai love chain: read more

How to increase the number of backlinks website

5blog link.



2 mirror site: divided into two kinds, one is the international domain name mirror station, and the other is the bridge using the free space to do "".

4 self-help links.


8forum link.

3 Links (link).

6wiki link.

method 1, submit your site to the DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory, ODP directory some professional directory sites;

10 search results.

reverse link type

A has a link to" B, "A is a link on the page is a reverse link B. Shanghai dragon of reverse links and that import links, external links (Backlinks). But the reverse link summary including the station outside the station and the import link. The reverse link is actually in the target document internal statement. In other words, the conventional links in A documents marked "to document B", and the reverse link in B documents in the document "A pointed to me". Methods to understand the reverse link is the collect call to compare. With the conventional telephone (phone or payer), separately collect call to the caller and pay, pay by phone. Similarly, conventional links in the source document within the statement and display, and the reverse link in the target document internal statement. In other words, the conventional links in A documents marked "to document B", while the reverse links in the document B in "the document A to me", then the document B, the reverse link in the document in the A document link is B. read more

Love Shanghai not found love Shanghai know add link method of exclusive dedication

love Shanghai know now is for the Shanghai dragon, A5 has a lot of talk about sex in Shanghai know some skills in this article, I will say more than. Want to say today is found a new love Shanghai know add link method, and test effective. First above:

explain this approach. For example. For example, to 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/ this link if converted to the form of 贵族宝贝%77%77%77%2e%61%64%6d%69%6e%35%2e%63%6f%6d/ is: do not believe you try, absolutely can open. So if you want to be in love in Shanghai know the link words: zhidao.ad贵族宝贝%77%77%77%2e%61%64%6d%69%6e%35%2e%63%6f%6d/. This can! So long as a little bit level can be achieved through the account. The principle is to "HTTP". In addition, the "/" character other than through the URL encoding process. For example: "W" encoding is "%77", "%2e" is after encoding ". The other one by one comparison. As to how we can love Shanghai encoding: URL encoding table, you know. read more

Love Shanghai to share practical analysis optimization

3. all share data are able to share the website provides the background through the Shanghai love view, including time, frequency, data sharing, sharing page return flow is very accurate and powerful.

1. love Shanghai share number statistics only by clicking the decision. That is to say, as long as you click on any share box sharing sites, even as a share, then could reach the share page or whether to complete the whole process of sharing has no effect on the number of share statistics.

2. love Shanghai share data in the search page, namely "thumb" data is updated in real time, and is not the same with the snapshot update, so we can often see changes in the share data, but did not change the snapshot. read more

Liu Zhuanwei don’t do the chain of migrant workers continue to get high weight links

Oh, someone will ask: "I’m not a monk, I was telling this?" don’t worry, let me teach you how to find the law – "fortune". You should first observe the forum for a period of time, the same day posting, and click on the amount of more than 100 people, and return of more than 15 people, to find out all these posts; the same keywords and then find out these posts with the title; then each see the title with these words of the post, you can predict "these posts will be the fire posts or top posts and become high weight posts. read more

Love Shanghai know how to do the promotion of practical skills of keyword ranking

in the best keywords love Shanghai index analysis, is to determine the question and answer, the next thing to do for example, we have to do the "Michelin tire price list" of the word, I put the problem set for "Michelin tire price list?", and then reward 10 points, do not mean your points, operation found love love to reward Shanghai problem in the front row, of course, you don’t have to do it a way up! Here to remind you that don’t question accumulation keywords, this problem is very dangerous! read more

What kind of website is propitious to optimize the user experience

3, the content of the website to have the quality of

is a perfect site structure is a prerequisite for website to get good rankings, the best sites do not have too much effect on JS and FLASH files, some enterprises in order to site dazzling and beautiful, add a large number of JS and FLASH, so the site optimization is very negative, while a large number of FLASH effect it will seriously affect the user to open the site speed, which greatly reduces the site experience. According to the reliable research shows that if a website for 3 seconds is not open, so the user loss rate will reach more than 90%, so the front page of the site as a major source of traffic, should avoid a large number of JS and FLASH. And these modules are still unable to capture spider love Shanghai, whether it is from the optimization point of view or from the perspective of the user experience did not play a good effect, so we build a website in place should be less as far as possible with the code. read more

Invalid page site rules

new sites we have not filled with good, only a few of the other articles are not content or duplicate pages, then we can directly extend the on-line search engine included our website, if our website has no change is still there is no content and a large number of duplicate pages, then the search engine will think this the website is an inferior website.

when a user entered into our web page, users find the content of the page is not what he needs, or the content of the page does not solve the problem he search keywords, or page too many ads directly affect the users for the content of the text of the page read, then this is on page the user does not have value or does not meet user needs page. read more

Through the website statistics from different perspectives to examine and improve the conversion rat

statistics and the webmaster tools can be seen from the user into the site to browse websites which pages, landing page is what page, these can be seen by observing which pages are more popular, the most recent focus of attention in which, we can see the station optimization is to position within the chain plate or the ability to retain customers, see the user where to stay, then summarize the reflection, do not improve, and can effectively improve the conversion rate of PV.

IP and PV

? In fact, the read more

The biggest reason why most entrepreneurs fail is distractionQi run advertising network advertising

writes ideas as a way out of your apartment and exchanges with people. Don’t be afraid to steal your ideas, do what you like best. Don’t always think about how to find investors. Maybe you will realize that you don’t need investment at all.

finds something you’re really interested in. What do you want to change your life or the lives of others? What kind of impact? Entrepreneur Mark Cuban in the "rule of 12" business book said: "if a thing is not what you love, fascinates you, then don’t start." read more

Station group website was born in Shanghai may not be useless for the optimization of the Dragon


website group management system into university website construction and management, in addition to the various departments of the university website in addition to a standard, a standard, a technical framework of management advantages, also has the following advantages:


in the university campus, different departments will establish their own web site, for the University, these different sites from different angles show the school appearance of the school, but also philosophy of scientific research, the professional education into one, it can be said that in different departments through the website as a name card show however, if these sites, if not together, site dispersion, information release disorder, management personnel are not fixed, this time is a waste of resources, management, use of the standing system, can solve a lot of problems. read more

The advantage of optimize the structure of the station site

is the author of a web site before establishing a good think we should consider how to layout the station structure, although the need to establish basic code structure of the station, but according to most of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work experience, obviously the station structure will affect the quality of the search engine on our website included, so as to optimize the staff recommendations on the code learn some more. The structure of the station from the different angle to sum up 4 kinds of advantage. read more

Shanghai dragon age and the impact of 2 direct promotion of soft green

and Scindapsus 2 for some sites everywhere release promotion of the soft phenomenon, we have been through a variety of ways of treatment. On the one hand, filter clean up the garbage outside chain; on the other hand, the appropriate punishment for the target site. However, this phenomenon still exists. For example, the obvious soft Wen promotion are as follows, be too numerous to enumerate. We will through the algorithm of 2 more green more rigorous treatment.

second, increase penalties for the target site; this is about to buy (the source of the news website of the strike, the main reason, I believe you have to understand. The smooth implementation of love of Shanghai’s original spark program, or to remove many of the advertising content, and content is not meaningful, will present more useful things to search engine users. Such as: the love link website of Shanghai in the announcement of the algorithm, this is obviously a soft Wen promotion effect. read more

Summarizes three local optimization easily overlooked ECSHOP from the web log

: the classification of goods repeat

page classification of goods commodity list if there is more than one, it will produce the same page, the spider will crawl, crawl page address, and ECSHOP default classification paging address is different from that of URL, but the title is the same description. This will lead to the same content, Shanghai dragon is very unfavorable. > and

simple modification way: in the root directory of the web site feed.php found the following code: $link = $uri. $item_url. $separator.’from=rss’; it replaced $link = $uri. $item_url; and then refresh the page feed.php to see whether there is no read more

Right down the website included from 1.6W down to a few do

first case: the site is down right, keywords ranking drop you do

can search through your website owned brand term, institutions such as " " Qingdao Deren Skin Disease Hospital; check the home page ranking, if not in the first few pages, that your site does have the right, this is no doubt a webmaster.

The The ?

(1) through the relevant keyword Webmaster Tools query your site’s ranking, if the keyword ranking from the home page has been reduced to simply can not find, this means your site has been down the right, or by direct search keywords ranking Shanghai love view, or you read more

Shanghai Longfeng several page optimization suggestions

From the user’s point of view:

four, the layout of the beginning and end of words, in the middle of 1-2 words and keywords.

three, the optimization of the picture, to add ALT tag, the picture that is the largest.

Keywords: From the perspective of

two, when writing the content on the website, 1, write natural keyword link 2, write related keywords to link

ZAC said, page optimization itself is very simple, after all, do less work, not so complicated, architecture extends the chain so big. Xuzhou billion net today is not about code redundancy, CSS style (JS code) if you call on this page the optimization question, can love Shanghai Webmaster Tools "page optimization suggestions" plate to check it, as follows: read more

Shanghai dragon is not a play and optimization efforts should be solemn pending

content for the emperor believe ingrained in many webmaster friends in mind, even to "too worship" realm, we all thought that as long as the original content, keyword density control in a certain range can get the good opinion of search engine, it is not, since the algorithm adjust search engine value for keywords surrounding the contents, for example, if your site is doing weight-loss drug, then your content is about the film, so in the wrong content to add keywords is not worth it, do not think that we cannot read the contents of the search engine, also do not. read more

Relationship between the three elements of the website optimization

on the whole, there is a parallel relationship between the three. Or, can become a chain of reactions, are indispensable. Effective set, the corresponding work late. Here need to remind is, if there is a corresponding major site adjustment. These three points do not arbitrarily change, to avoid the punishment of the search engine. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

is the core keywords, website optimization, the latter work mainly by its expansion. It is difficult to optimize the degree depends on the set of keywords. Such as do collection, set of keywords trading network. It is easier to optimize, to reduce the difficulty of key words. The search for people, better than some precision. And if the collection, somewhat Christine Fan. Therefore, here we propose that the keyword of the website, to set the appropriate uniform and difficulty coexist, implement keyword ranking effect; read more

The free blog included why Peninsula than Sina

The quality that the

three, Sina blog is more like a "link factory"

, operating problems cause included differences

talked about a free blog recently in the forum have a friend asked this question, why is included blog better than Sina blog? As everyone knows Sina visibility than the peninsula, weights are much better than the peninsula, why the blog included instead? You can personally feel the following analysis of the question:

free blog is one of the owners outside the chain places, is also an important part of the chain resources, free blog the chain has several advantages. First, management operation, only after the registration of an account can be easily made outside the chain on the inside, the second is management easier, generally not easily there is no need to delete, every day always on tenterhooks prayer for the recent posts; but the free blog also has shortcomings, that is the chain are not included in the inside, not included in the article on their website is certainly not a role, needs a long time of feeding, when the blog has a certain weight, can let the articles included. read more

Shanghai dragon in addition to optimization techniques, what can we do

(two) to do some long tail keywords title.

in addition to the simple web site source code can not only make our website access speed up tips, can also speed up the spider crawling Oh, and in the mobile phone version of the search engine is showing your web page file size, usually when the user from the mobile phone browser to find some websites will choose the URL of the page file. Oh, so it is very good for you to bring more users.

2, the search engine below the "search" to collect long tail keywords. read more