Pokemon Go alert More Shiny Slakoth come out to play June 8

first_img Pokemon Go Post a comment How To • Harry Potter: Wizards Unite best Pokemon Go every way but one News • Pokemon Sleep is Pokemon Go but for bedtime A few days later, from June 13 to 16, the third annual Pokemon Go Fest will kick off in Chicago. The sold-out event gives trainers a chance to complete challenges and unlock rewards. A second festival will run July 4 to 7 in Dortmund, Germany.The event also comes before the anticipated release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Niantic’s AR and wizarding world mashup. Slaktoths everywhere at June’s Pokemon Go Community Event. Pokemon Go Trainers, get ready. On Saturday, June 8, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in your local time zone, get together with fellow Pokemon trainers at your favorite spots to look for the Normal-type Slakoth.During the monthly community day event, the slothy Slakoth will spawn more frequently in the wild. While you are out you may encounter a Shiny Slakoth, and if you evolve a Vigoroth during the event and up to 1 hour after, you can obtain a Slaking with a special move. (For a refresher, here’s our guide to how to play Pokemon Go.)Lure Modules will last 3 hours, and eggs you place in an incubator during the event will hatch in a quarter of the distance they normally would. Eggs in incubators prior to the event’s start time won’t qualify for the time boost. Pokemon Go Microsoft’s new Minecraft Earth mobile game is like Pokemon… Preview • The ultimate guide to everything Pokemon Go The 29 best AR apps for iOS that you need try Share your voice 0 1:27 Tags 38 Photos Now playing: Watch this: Phoneslast_img

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