Woman taken away in ambulance following crash in Johnson City

first_imgA 12 News crew at the scene reports a woman was taken away from the scene in an ambulance. JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — Binghamton authorities responded to car vs pedestrian crash in Johnson City Friday morning. The incident occurred on Main Street between N. Floral and Wells Avenue.center_img Dispatchers were unable to comment on additional information.last_img

IMOD hosts pet food distribution to help the community

first_img“We needed to help the community,” said Warren. “We decided to go ahead and do weekly pet food distributions,” said IMOD founder Rolette Warren. “At one point there were places that were actually running out,” Warren said. IMOD founder Rolette Warren said the pandemic has made it difficult for people to get pet food. “It feels good to help people that really need it.” “One of them was crying because she has never needed the help from the community before.” BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – If you see a blue tent while driving down the road, it could be “In Memory of Diesel” who is doing their part to help the community they call home. “We’ve also teamed up with CHOW these last couple weeks to pass out the five-day boxes.” center_img Warren said they are happy to be doing it. IMOD is using its resources to make a difference. Which is what made Warren and her crew decide to take action. “We nearly depleted our whole inventory because of the calls that we were getting and trying to keep up with the demand of the help.” “Like” Jacob Seus on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter. At their distribution sites once a week, IMOD is passing out pet food and receiving donations, and Warren said the response has been terrific.last_img read more

Binghamton man sentenced to 13 years for criminal sex act

first_img(WBNG) — A Binghamton man has been sentenced to 13 years in New York State prison and 20 years parole for criminal sex act involving a child on Monday. They said according to Cervini’s plea, Cervini engaged in sexual behavior with a female less than fifteen years old in June 2016. The Broome County District Attorney’s Office says 38-year-old Derrick Cervini has been found guilty of criminal sexual act in the first degree, a class B felony. Cervini was arrested in October 2018 by the New York State Police and was indicted by a grand jury in November 2018. Cervini pleaded guilty in October 2019. In a press release sent to 12 News, Broome County District Attorney Michael A. Korchak said the Broome County District Attorney’s Office “makes special victims cases a top priority, and will always fight for vulnerable children.”last_img read more

New York State gives new drivers green light on learning how to drive online

first_img“The five-hour is pretty much the extent of a person’s in-class training for driving, which is probably the more dangerous thing they’re going to do everyday,” said Troy Townsend, lead instructor at Adaptive Driving Services. “Everyone has been waiting so long to take the road test and learn how to drive,” said Townsend. “Don’t cut any corners, learn the right way and be safe on the road.” Driving instructors say learning online can pose a few challenges, so it’s important for students to pay extra attention. With new drivers now able to hit the road again, instructors are taking extra precautions to keep everyone safe behind the wheel. Now, you can complete part of the process online, making it easier for new drivers to get their licenses. The Pre-Licensing Course, better known as the “five-hour classroom course” is mandatory in order to get your New York State driver’s license. For more information about the Online Pre-Licensing Course, you can visit this website.center_img “To put it online, we just want to make sure that it’s just as effective as it was in-person,” said Townsend. (WBNG) — If you’ve been waiting to get your license due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you won’t have to wait any longer. “Hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, taking temperatures, wiping down all the surfaces, using approved disinfectants, just trying to keep it as clean as we can,” said Townsend. In the past, the course has always been done in-person. Due to the pandemic, New York State is bending the rules. last_img read more

Owego-Apalachin takes on transportation challenge ahead of school year

first_imgTypically, OA’s school buses can fit 70 students, but this fall, the district’s goal is to have no more than 23 kids on board at one time. (WBNG) — While schools are figuring out how to social distance in the classroom this fall, another challenge districts are tackling is how to social distance on a school bus. Masks are required for everyone on board and drivers will go through a health screening each day. Transportation director Anthony Quaranta says filing through that data has been one of the biggest difficulties. Social distancing efforts are also in place. They’ll be cutting the number down by changing routes and adding runs. The transportation department is also putting a new strategy in place when it comes to kids boarding the bus. Seats are marked with red tape, so students know to alternate between window and aisle seats. Owego-Apalachin asked parents to fill out a survey to determine how many students would need busing if they attended school in-person. “We’re going to load from the back to the front and try to limit people walking past each other as much as possible. Obviously it’s not a perfect system because we don’t want pre-K kids and kindergarteners to have to go all the way to the back of the bus by themselves, so there will be a little bit of that but we’re going to try and limit it as much as possible.” said Quaranta. “We are a mass transportation system. We transport more people every single day than airlines and trains and planes do, everyday. But now we’ve got to cater it and individualize it to every single student that comes in, based on their needs and where they have to go,” he said.last_img read more

2021 DICK’s Open date announced, will conclude July 4

first_img“We’re going to end up with great rookies because we’ve got two years of a rookie class. Our area is going to see Mike Weir, Ernie Els, Phil Michelson hopefully,” he said. ENDICOTT (WBNG) — The DICK’s Sporting Goods Open will return next summer with an earlier date than usual. The 2021 DICK’s Open will run from June 28 to July 4. The event will be played as part of the Champions Tour’s combined 2021-21 schedule. The purse is $2,050,000. The 2021 event will mark 50 years of professional golf in Broome County. “We’re going to have a lot of “do you remember footage,” and some great memories,” said Karedes. “I believe our community is going to enjoy a lot of the things they see.” “UHS Health expo, fireworks, 5K run, all of those items still will accompany the tournament week,” said Karedes. “Now we have something to work for,” said tournament director John Karedes. “It isn’t that we’re out actively selling for the 2021 event right now but at least people can put it on their calendar, they can plan accordingly, and we can too.” “Whether it’s digital ticketing going forward, or utilizing some sort of cashless system. Those are the sort of things that now we had the time to really investigate and put into play for our future,” he said. center_img Since this year’s tournament was canceled, Karedes said the attention shifted to making 2021 a better and safer tournament. Karedes said everything depends on what New York state allows next June, but they intend to have a full slate of events. Karedes said the field of players will make the 2021 tournament to the next level. He also said he’s heard from the majority of the annual field, and expects early commitments. “The guys want to help out. They want to show the community they’re coming back and coming back stronger than ever,” he said. Karedes said the DICK’s Open will wait until after January 1 for hard sponsorship selling, and a lot of planning will depend on if the state allowing crowds and fans at other events.last_img read more