Look at the future direction of station construction

has grown and shaped as many sites have been settling and developing over the years. New Adsense site seems to become increasingly difficult to think of the basic theme, there are already many competitors in each field, then how do we find their own flowers in this field? Then we need to observe the direction, to understand some of the establishment of the trend now.

1. content is king

needless to say, this trend has always been there, but because the previous Internet site number less, less overall capacity, the main content of the pursuit of a process from scratch, but now with the development of the client, the rise of social networking, produced a lot of content, this time trend into the selection of higher quality and more accurate the content of your content is better than other sites (original degree, content structure and layout…… A site that contains a lot of good content will still be a trend. read more

A5’s official sixteen page SEO diagnostic report raises thoughts

website optimization does not seem so simple, although the essence of "content is king, links to the emperor" almost everyone knows, but during the mystery, but it is difficult to know. For the website construction and website optimization, content is indispensable, links are indispensable, so more webmasters focus on link construction and content construction. I like the same night, left to their own not lonely nor pleasure, but to summarize carefully thinking and perception experience let wisdom light shining in his writings. 100% of the original cooperation, persistent persistence, but also brought great returns, a year, hundreds of authors, original contributions, A5/CHINAZ and other websites, the number of sites included and reverse links rising steadily. Not "content is king, link for emperor"? A year more than 1W of the link, I do, but still ranked suck, although in the core keywords page, but always seems to be difficult to break through the bottleneck. read more

ndividual stationmaster takes off 3 times belong to network pioneering work

What is the basis of

Internet? There is no doubt that the website, the website is the reality of the road, the house, as the basic carrier network, the number of Internet sites originally not much, by Sina, Sohu, NetEase opened three portal era, then there is a group of people, they quickly active the network world, the Internet emerged a large number of small sites, most of these small sites are behind a person, they are known as personal webmaster, at first the most personal webmaster for website production, love network programming, and started to produce a personal home page, personal site, as a "our network in the world of the house", as the network world slowly began to have a rich business atmosphere, some small, but popularity is also good web site By some advertisers, advertising alliance advertising gradually in these sites, some master hobby, part of the webmaster for the rich content of the site, part of the webmaster for money, began to put these advertising advertising. read more

How does individual stationmaster have a share in the competition of network tycoon


China Internet has experienced explosive wave swept back, in a variety of venture capital under the fan the flames, in a variety of fields in the birth of many Internet giants, from website to download sites, search engines from chat to, from the service life to marry other friends, have produced far other competitors behind the giant. In the face of the Internet competition, as a small head of the US, is also in this pattern share a cup of soup that belongs to us? Today, I want to combine their experience and work hard to tell you! I can, you can! read more

18 hours the new registered domain name was Google included

In April 12th

18:50, I SEO 100 abstruse Cereal Contest station (www.bai-ao-gu-seo.cn) was successfully included Google, domain name distance to take effect at the same time 18 hours.

below talk about their site in the Google included in the actual operation process, because I think only share is the ultimate spirit of the Internet:

1, add a robots.txt to my site: because the search engine crawls the web site, first of all, to judge whether there is robots.txt in the root directory of your website. If you do not prohibit the search engine grab any content of their site, you can put an empty file. Can also be written below the red part (I 100 Valley SEO contest station that was written: read more

Build a movie station for three days ip5000 fully explained

The study of non

SEO, with SEO please detour, don’t waste your precious time.

himself is interested in watching a movie or something, then building a movie station, which is also to test me a new method of promotion. 07 years in October to establish the station, third days to reach the day ip5000, there is no false. The reason why I now share the promotion methods, one is because the work is busy no time to write two is available on SEO, this method is the use of post, a lot of people have used now, but I used the old method, interested please look at it, I believe that the method we use I say, a majority of people can do ip5000, expand your effect will be better. ~ read more