Medical website optimization mode transformation encounter bottleneck experience share

is currently in the current medical China difficult and expensive is more and more prominent, with the rapid development of Internet and promote the network information popularization momentum, medical market’s new medical network website with its wide audience, information acquisition convenient rapid rise. The medical website advantage is also embodied more reasonable allocation of medical resources in the breakthrough time and space constraints, which can effectively reduce the cost of medical care, hospitals, doctors, and achieve win-win objective to a great extent. read more

Actual local hospital network promotion brand than flow

has been promoting a local hospital website for almost 3 months now. From the data point of view (in addition to this period of Baidu unstable situation), the effect is still very good, the flow of more than 1000 per day, consulting volume in about 50-100, you can say that such a conversion rate is very successful. Of course, a lot of professional SEO has been in the hospital SEO drive this subdivision industry, and there are many valuable experience, he is also in continuous learning. Able to do so, but also want to share experience with you. read more

Lu Songsong comment on the web page design of the four major portals

today, "interaction" is emphasized in the Internet, and "comment" is also the main force of "interaction". This article analyzes the comments, web design and comment quality of the four major portals. Reviews have become one of the most important differences between online news and traditional news.

1: Web Design and comment quality of NetEase review

Web Design: NetEase review called "post"". In the web design review should be the most valuable NetEase comments, comments into the first sight is the top up pointed remarks; levy mode have a unique style, let users feel very fun, but also makes a number of websites have many users to follow, which is why the floor cover every day, there are a lot of people think the reason of NetEase good news. read more

Experience sharing reprint articles retain copyright get traffic

believe that many webmaster and I have tried, in reprint other people with copyright article, because of the following reasons for the original author of the copyright links delete.

1. does not want to give the reader a copyright link, so as to avoid traffic loss of

2. don’t want to leave too much outside the chain, lest be search engine drop right

3. to readers caused by the article is the station staff or members of the original illusion,


The importance of

copyright, I do not want to say, is right or wrong, I do not want to say, I would like to use the reserved copyright to get traffic. read more

A webmaster of the bitter experience of earning 500 so difficult

this time last year, in order to be able to concentrate on site, quit the job, with the webmaster dream, back home, began webmaster life. I give myself a year, a monthly income of 500 target is.

home is hard, often overnight until dawn. Begin a few months, first perfect website program, content. I do not learn the procedures are fine, barely enough to do a few small stations. It’s a tedious thing to do a website, especially for a person who pursues perfection, the website is always an endless task. Later figured out, even if the effort to improve some functions, it can not bring you traffic. read more

7 mistakes that should be avoided in designing brand websites

website design, especially the higher requirements of customers and products of brand design, when we have a good idea in planning and web site design, but because of some small mistakes and let the effect site, it is sometimes a pity. As the saying goes, a mouse droppings, bad gruel, how to avoid such embarrassment, we summed up some easy to make mistakes, to allow more web designers and customers common progress.

1 doesn’t take into account the habit of search engines. It is difficult to search engine for the processing and recognition of typewriting, complex, and hyphens of various problems, the accuracy of the search will be reduced. In the new environment of online marketing, the role of search engines can not be ignored, if not to consider the habit of search engines, not only hurt all search users, as well as brands themselves. Search is the most important way for users to find, and the title of a web page is an important tool for you to attract customers. The page title is a web site for users to bookmark the default text, should be the name of the company at the beginning, but at the same time, all the page title words are the same, to open multiple windows users, the usability of your website will seriously reduce. read more

s the product ultimately soul trust


heard to do have the soul of the product, checked a lot of products for the definition of the soul, there has been no understanding to the nature, but I experienced a product to know what is the soul of the products, some of the core elements of the corresponding service also on "the sea you learn" this book about the.

I don’t know whether their product manager, already know this, but I only to a user’s point of view, to elaborate on me for the company and products, service operations, admire the place. read more

Listen Admin5 Wang lecture in November 25th

on November 25th, at half past two p.m., King Wang conducted a lecture at the QQ group. The lecture was attended by three people in charge of’s picture king, 55LA’s Cai sum and Choi Fu tong.

is lucky today did not miss the lecture today, from early eight to half past two in the afternoon, this group is very hot, my QQ repeatedly dropped, administrators have to T some webmasters some advertising and talking with the lecture topic unrelated topic. Until half past two in the afternoon. Figure Wang appeared in the group, and we discussed the website profit model. read more

CMS vulnerability problems and suggestions for improvement

has several large CMS, a major update, even some of the overthrow of the previous version, but through the use of more BUG than usual, do not know what is the reason? The following list for the CMS


one, check unqualified

any products must pass strict inspection at the factory, to reduce the production of BUG, hastily released the official version, do not know because with a CMS competition who posted kuaiqiang customers? If your products are not qualified, grab what is the use? Will only be more people call in! Others the impression that you are just a manufacturer of garbage read more

19 factors that are not accessible to your web site

1, the website does not make sufficient investigation and research work, do not know oneself target customer group arrives hastily;

2, the website promoter embarks from individual interest, the target group is too small;

3, the target group access time is short, lack of network experience;

4, web content is monotonous, unable to mention the interest of visitors;

5, positioning the same, get together serious phenomenon;

6 failed to impress first-time visitors and found no reason for another visit; read more