Build a movie station for three days ip5000 fully explained

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SEO, with SEO please detour, don’t waste your precious time.

himself is interested in watching a movie or something, then building a movie station, which is also to test me a new method of promotion. 07 years in October to establish the station, third days to reach the day ip5000, there is no false. The reason why I now share the promotion methods, one is because the work is busy no time to write two is available on SEO, this method is the use of post, a lot of people have used now, but I used the old method, interested please look at it, I believe that the method we use I say, a majority of people can do ip5000, expand your effect will be better. ~

good nonsense not say, the October 1st forum type movie station has been set up in the DZ forum program upload, chose BBS, because I love you so interactive, interactive, what everyone says is the original, is of great help to the future seo.

, the first step: I put all the popular movies, TV shows and cartoons all on the forum. Movies and TV shows are up to date, TV serials are serialized, and most of them are hot. (I ps: is the pursuit of a perfectionist, want perfect, able to retain people, for the people to come after the first will often come, we look at the that all people need, some of my own finishing, the content of good, strong correlation, rich. Se will be very concerned about your first three days) ip5000 must be done, this is the basis of.

second step: choose those popular movies now, such as lust, lust first released on its website, and then go to our post post, the people do not see is advertising, should look like is a member of the share is the best, the title must be attractive, the best to write their own download the address, leave your site even address on the line, and often a crest, may wish to get some vest, this step is done, every day is 1000-2000ip.

third step: some serialized TV series, Korean dramas, Hong Kong and Taiwan Dramas, mainland China does not play, some day out of a set, and some one week out of an episode. After recording their own translation subtitles group and then release BT seeds, when after the release of a set of seed BT, you quickly reproduced to your site, then go to the corresponding post post, general post members will thank you. For example: Korean drama "the golden bride today" sixty-first sets out, then I reproduced to my station, and then go to the golden bride now, (when the post people are anxiously waiting for it) post "golden bride sixty-first sets out to pull, I am downloading it and then you leave your website in the content of the golden bride download page first you estimate in the post after the release will have a lot of members, thank you,"

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