18 hours the new registered domain name was Google included

In April 12th

18:50, I SEO 100 abstruse Cereal Contest station (www.bai-ao-gu-seo.cn) was successfully included Google, domain name distance to take effect at the same time 18 hours.

below talk about their site in the Google included in the actual operation process, because I think only share is the ultimate spirit of the Internet:

1, add a robots.txt to my site: because the search engine crawls the web site, first of all, to judge whether there is robots.txt in the root directory of your website. If you do not prohibit the search engine grab any content of their site, you can put an empty file. Can also be written below the red part (I 100 Valley SEO contest station that was written:


User-agent: *

2, soft hair to attract spiders: the new domain name registration can not have authority value, only to write more original articles, or other people’s things used to modify, that is, the so-called pseudo original". Therefore, I write a "buzz contest Olympic Valley SEO contest climax" to the Admin5 station, Chinese station and China webmaster webmaster kind website, only Admin5 and Chinese are audited by the webmaster, estimated Chinese station alfys.

3, on a number of famous it web sites to apply for blog, such as iResearch, DoNews, CSDN, 17Tech, and so on, I released this article.

4, add a traffic statistics tool to the website.

5, into the Google Webmaster tools, the web site to add inside, and verify through. This collection of Google is very important.

6, submitted to the famous dig website, if you do not know you can search my published "100 abstruse Cereal Contest Zaixian SEO contest in Baidu and Google in the climax".

7, if your website has Ping function, that’s good, you can go directly to the Google search blog Ping, so that the speed will be faster.

site program is different, you can promote the way is a bit different, my site is only made with a form, the code is simple, but not conducive to promotion. Other methods can be used to promote the site submitted to bookmarks, bookmarks and other sites.

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