How does individual stationmaster have a share in the competition of network tycoon


China Internet has experienced explosive wave swept back, in a variety of venture capital under the fan the flames, in a variety of fields in the birth of many Internet giants, from website to download sites, search engines from chat to, from the service life to marry other friends, have produced far other competitors behind the giant. In the face of the Internet competition, as a small head of the US, is also in this pattern share a cup of soup that belongs to us? Today, I want to combine their experience and work hard to tell you! I can, you can!

positioning clear, identify themselves good at the direction of force

any one ready to do the station, you have to know he was going to do a "cause" of a project, if you do not plan to take their stand to create a certain level, then I advise you still do the dumpster, flow and earn some money or simply give up. If you really want to do a station, please be sure to find a piece of paper in the start before listed above you can think of the station direction, your strengths, your weaknesses, and then analyzes the selection in selected to maximize play to your strengths so that the direction of station.

only make sure that you are in the right direction and combine your strengths and interests so that you can make a direction, or even achieve it, and then you will succeed. I have friends in the room with their own work, have managed servers in addition to their own advantages, accumulated many tested good website source code, as well as on the various program site set up relatively good advantage, eventually chose to be a unique source download station. Maybe some friends say that there are so many download stations, can you compete with those big brothers? I’m confident, because I have my own direction and features, as well as unique strategies.

features a small field to perfection,

has established the status of the chiefs with those who download station, as a green hand stands, seemingly no advantage of what I. But all my confidence is that I can put all my energy fields are concentrated in this niche, can I tried to make the website characteristics, use the characteristic to start, let no one came to the visitors to the site will be on it "love at first sight".

on the one hand, I highlight the simplicity and usefulness of website programming, especially typography and column design. I make drastic changes to the program because I know how simple and easy to use programs are to the users, which will make them feel like the site first. On the other hand, in the content, from the beginning, I made it clear to the download station website source content on the most important position in the distribution of the source code, each page, I have emphasized our source after the owners personally tested, can be used to ensure the most complete. And after the download of the visitors through their own personal practice to prove this, which makes them the content of my web site produced the most reliable sense of trust, and this >

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