ndividual stationmaster takes off 3 times belong to network pioneering work

What is the basis of

Internet? There is no doubt that the website, the website is the reality of the road, the house, as the basic carrier network, the number of Internet sites originally not much, by Sina, Sohu, NetEase opened three portal era, then there is a group of people, they quickly active the network world, the Internet emerged a large number of small sites, most of these small sites are behind a person, they are known as personal webmaster, at first the most personal webmaster for website production, love network programming, and started to produce a personal home page, personal site, as a "our network in the world of the house", as the network world slowly began to have a rich business atmosphere, some small, but popularity is also good web site By some advertisers, advertising alliance advertising gradually in these sites, some master hobby, part of the webmaster for the rich content of the site, part of the webmaster for money, began to put these advertising advertising.

then, individual owners to bid farewell to the 1 times, 2 times to enter the station, that is to make money, you click on the network to make money, I click on the 3 hair, 5 hair, through the links I bought goods, I can earn 10% Commission recommended a successful registration, you can earn 10 yuan to start! These words appeared in the circle channel past some code knowledge exchange, website construction, because with the development of network, the establishment of the threshold has been very low, has a very mature network CMS system, BBS system, BLOG system, and are free to download, free to use, and powerful, a have the basic knowledge of the site, you can use these systems to create a powerful portal sina.com.cn like this, so this time, everyone can build, establishment of a fool, rely on Own is to make money, think of ways to improve the flow, think of ways to improve the website advertising click through rate. To study which advertising unit price is high, what location is easier to click, a page, put a few ads and so on.

but everyone forgot that the Internet is forever changing. One of the Alibaba’s corporate values is embracing change. And for several years, webmasters have been relying on the old model in operation, the only constant is to adhere to, do CMS content, search engine SEO, advertising alliance realized. Of course, outside the beginning of SNS, began micro-blog, began to buy, began to move the Internet era, the webmaster still keep old style, of course, this old style will also let webmaster feel more OUT. Because one after another saw the birth of the network myth, one after another network CEO birth, and then look at themselves, or in the operation of these repeated things, the monthly income is not much, but very hard.

if you ask me, what is the webmaster next time? I will tell you the webmaster 3 times belongs to the network business, if not into the online business to go, the webmaster will only mediocre, unable to establish their own network utilities, garbage >

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