A5’s official sixteen page SEO diagnostic report raises thoughts

website optimization does not seem so simple, although the essence of "content is king, links to the emperor" almost everyone knows, but during the mystery, but it is difficult to know. For the website construction and website optimization, content is indispensable, links are indispensable, so more webmasters focus on link construction and content construction. I like the same night, left to their own not lonely nor pleasure, but to summarize carefully thinking and perception experience let wisdom light shining in his writings. 100% of the original cooperation, persistent persistence, but also brought great returns, a year, hundreds of authors, original contributions, A5/CHINAZ and other websites, the number of sites included and reverse links rising steadily. Not "content is king, link for emperor"? A year more than 1W of the link, I do, but still ranked suck, although in the core keywords page, but always seems to be difficult to break through the bottleneck.

how to break through the tangled dreams? I was even on the optimization of the core elements of the content and links to question, because the original content and link diversity, the website is absolutely no problem, according to the Baidu Webmaster Tools query, the weight has reached 4 (the same type of website mostly 2 or 3). "The website structure is main factor to determine the" keywords ranking, hesitate at a loss, A5 editor Tang Shijun’s words, so I almost filled with wisdom. (knew that A5 station network, also founder Wang Leshan once heard slightly, its unique business model of the achievements of the A5 also helped numerous small grassroots webmaster to success, but did not know the official A5 website optimization can provide a full range of diagnostic services. A5 optimization diagnostic services introduced web site http://s.seo.admin5.com/topic-seo.html, interested friends can refer to. After a week of anxiety, looking forward to, when a 16 page, nearly tens of thousands of words optimized diagnostic report presented in front of, I fell into deep thinking.


report from the domain name, sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height in the host, content, links, included performance, structure, coding, URL planning, Robots and 404 pages written dozens of websites with details, one by one analysis, give some rationalization proposals. The report pointed out sharply that the website program uses a lot of JS script, is not conducive to the search spider search, page rolling effects too much slow loading speed, but also contrary to the judgment standard of "high quality. The report focuses not only on website optimization and search performance, but also on Web content, long-term planning and Internet marketing recommendations. The 16 page map, ten pieces of writing, nearly million words, do not know A5 optimization team spent much time and effort, but so perfect, so professional, has shown that the A5 optimization team working attitude and spirit of occupation. Although A5 claims that "optimizing the diagnostic report is only a recommendation, it does not guarantee optimization results", but after submitting the report, its optimization team member >