Look at the future direction of station construction

has grown and shaped as many sites have been settling and developing over the years. New Adsense site seems to become increasingly difficult to think of the basic theme, there are already many competitors in each field, then how do we find their own flowers in this field? Then we need to observe the direction, to understand some of the establishment of the trend now.

1. content is king

needless to say, this trend has always been there, but because the previous Internet site number less, less overall capacity, the main content of the pursuit of a process from scratch, but now with the development of the client, the rise of social networking, produced a lot of content, this time trend into the selection of higher quality and more accurate the content of your content is better than other sites (original degree, content structure and layout…… A site that contains a lot of good content will still be a trend.

2. segments more

due to the site before the quantity is less, so a lot of new sites to seize a number of areas, such as the classification of the site, local portals, industry portals, literary sites, technical community, entertainment and so on, each domain has many "giant" site, but now and content, is a process from a fine so, the field of subdivision is necessarily a trend for small areas in large areas, the integration of content segments, as long as you find your own little part of the audience is enough, this needs the webmaster in related fields have a more nuanced awareness.

3. interactive more powerful,

with the rise of social networks, interactive concept has been popular, interactive can produce content, so it is also a very important website development trend, how in their own content sites such as adding organic interaction, comments, and share on the top…… Or into the question and answer, community circles, these concepts have become a trend in the development of the site.

4. terminal form is more abundant,

With the development of

mobile phone client, tablet computer, so that a single computer browser form extended, mobile phone, pad browsing has become very simple, it also makes the website form not only will stick to the browser, can also be made into corresponding terminal platform on the client, such as iPhone, Android etc..

5. spreads more widely,


could only through the search engine optimization, mass QQ group promotion of traditional form, along with the development of social network, website promotion form has changed, can promote the use of social networking platform, also can through this platform open platform to promote, so it is also known as a trend.

6. users younger, higher requirements, taste more difficult to tune

is different from before, the online group is getting younger and younger, and in such a publicity