How much is your domain name worth Thousands of battlefield at 730 per night A5 domain name auction

before, the price of $1 million 200 thousand, and now have A5 domain name auction house, digital storm, letters affectionate…… Would you like to know the value of your domain name? If you want to know the price of an instant domain name, please pay attention to the A5 domain name auction at half past seven every night.


A5 auction details

A5 domain name WeChat auction, from Monday to Friday, once a day. Every night at 7:30 (Friday at 3 p.m.), in the A5 WeChat 1/2/3/4 group. The number of participants is close to 2000.

auction process and requirements

1, registration has an A5 account. No need to recharge, no need to withdraw cash, simple and quick.

2, all domain name 0 yuan starting, (starting price starting from the starting price) have set the reserve price, the auction price is equal to or more than the reserve price, that is, the transaction, the seller is not allowed to default. The seller has to pay $100 as a group benefit when the reservation price is unsold.

3, clinch a deal after, through the A5 intermediary transaction, intermediary fee 3%, no extra charge. If the price with PUSH, you need to pay more than 1% withdrawals of handling fees.

contact the A5 auction Secretary for the domain name transfer transaction, without special circumstances, within 24 hours of payment transactions, special circumstances, the two sides negotiate maximum 3 days delay, the specific transaction time depends on the registrar.

4, the seller and the buyer either breach of contract, pay 5% liquidated damages, 3% pay the other party, 2% group welfare, do not fulfill the default, pull blacklist.

5, during the auction prohibited AD business card red envelopes, during the auction, and prohibit auction irrelevant words. Offenders warned once, 3 times T out. There are malicious speculation, bidding, disturb the auction order blacklist. Meters own bid, as illegal, in accordance with the provisions of breach of contract.

fare increase rule

1000-4999 adds 100 yuan each time,

5000-9000 adds 200 yuan each time,

10000-49999 adds 500 yuan each time,

50000-99999 adds 1000 yuan each time,

10W above, 2000 yuan per time,

30W above, 5000 yuan per time,

50W above, 10000 yuan per time,

transaction payment

After the

auction, the A5 staff (listed below) tracks and creates a transaction to complete the domain name transfer.

A5 designated bank account:

domain submission request