[A5 essay] long master Road accompanied by A5

I started operation of industry website from 07 years before this, even the domain name all don’t understand, so in the process of operation is difficult as can be imagined, remain perplexed despite much thought, inadvertently found Baidu Adsense nets, above a lot about how to promote your website? How to better operate website article for me it is usually a welcome rain after a long drought, so the head will never go out, it is from then on site operators have a more thorough understanding. At the same time, and A5 forged a bond.

really registered A5 to 09 years in April, before it is to see other people’s articles, and then use the process to operate their own website, but never thought of himself to write an article, the key was also really don’t know what is the role of the soft, and then saw the graph king boss wrote an article about what are the benefits to write soft article for me. As a result, registered accounts began to insist on writing articles, but also began to partner with A5 days.

sorry, the registration time within a year, a less than 20 articles, but the good news is that each one has a certain amount of forwarding, which makes the weight of the website have improved rapidly, all I have been responsible for construction machinery network ranked first in many key words, more importantly, this more than a year of study, let oneself is a what all don’t understand the grassroots to grow as a webmaster, know a number of Internet circle outstanding personal webmaster, in their learned as a qualified webmaster should have quality. Up to now, browse A5 articles, write comments, soft hair has become a habit, no matter how busy, will find time to update the article to see A5 again, do not see every day, I feel I’m going to lag behind. Of course, there are a lot of people commented on the quality of more and more low stationmaster net, advertising more and more, from can’t learn what the real experience and knowledge, I rarely write about web technology or promotion of such articles, most of them are written about how to know yourself? How to adjust the adjustment the mentality of the article.

            A5 webmaster interviews, personal experience as I love, I think this is really the essence of stationmaster net give us, we all understand that the head of the road is difficult, is lonely. On the difficult lonely road, it was with the company of A5 that we had more courage to go on, and let us go more smoothly on the road. So A5 is not just a webmaster propaganda, the exchange of learning base, is a light guide station along the light, when you look at the A5, in the confusion, he will let you clear, when you want to relax yourself, see A5. He’ll motivate you to move on, and I’m thinking of giving up on the website, but I’ve seen a lot of successful webmasters in A5, and I’ve learned how hard it is to succeed. Know the true meaning of persistence. Eventually, it made a small achievement for the website, and the next shopping site, "the birth of Amoy", all of these