Five years of online career some of my experience and my experience

remember the first contact site is 03 years, it is because I am stupid, school performance is not good, not on the high school, and later the family opened a cafe, for the interest on the network, so I called the day in the net bar. When the network is a new thing, Internet 5 yuan an hour Oh, but most people just go to the Internet chat in the chat room, I don’t love to chat, I am very interested in the site, in others in the chat room all night. I was playing with HTML in there, what FTP, and BBS DOS out of print house to butterfly QQ brute force password, then 6 bits are not hanging, night can have 10 to several 6, one or two 5 bit

!Remember when

are used Notepad to do the all day, get the head, then exposed to frontpage, did not feel so much trouble, remember is a free space for this network in Yitang, built his first website, the website is very simple, there is only four or five connections, several the picture only, but my friends say I’m a genius, very strong! And then began to study it, slowly, to steal into the station,

station!After the

has much higher website, but most of them are doing the play, not what income, others ask what I do, I said the site is done, looking at the envy of others, felt very cattle, earned the money was the NetEase, Sina, Sohu are out of the SMS message Union, are some monthly services such as SMS, recommend a 5-10 block RMB, do not need to have their own website, they can address publicity every day, I do the propaganda, special propaganda website (in fact, a few simple propaganda page), then use the EMAIL software, there was no statistical or what, but the income is very considerable, there are thousands of dollars a month income, do it for a few months, up 1W block, bought himself a new computer, bought a mobile phone This is my first pot of gold, the network, home network is a good stuff, send me to school to study computer school, so the site stopped, a stop is 3 years, mixed in the school for 3 years, what has not learned, are all playing


website is again graduated and returned home, the family had found me working here in the Department of transportation, although one hundred is not willing to, but still on the class, after more than a year, a bit of money, but also married, really love. Gambling, 1 months down, lost tens of thousands of dollars, borrowed a part, is home to the people to help also, in order not to let me go to gambling, the family will restrict my freedom, let me stay at home every day, so they picked up the left for several years every day now began to study the network, website production, a short time before learning based on accumulated, feel now with CMS

station is very convenient!

built my first regular website like this: QQ candy