A webmaster blood experience

A key

webmaster friends want to own on the first page, is the right keywords ranking on the website of the development is too important, in a year do stand experience, it brings me sour, sweet, bitter, hot too much, from the site is K included, from the site to drop right to stop these are all included, happened to me, here I talk about the experience. I believe everyone will have to help, it was from my first website began, was also interested in began their first site, because it is too cumbersome to update website and then choose the classification information to do two things, then every day will do is site a www.zzzok.com, then some other related websites to collect some information out, slowly began to Baidu included, flow also started slowly, but because I had begun to worry about good times don’t last long, website, first found the website title and keywords is greater than is very excited to change it again, did not think of is the next web traffic really slowly up, perhaps taste the sweetness of the reason, after half a month and the start of the second amendment, but the second time I bring Is included obviously slower, and traffic and ranking are up. But when the third month change news came, the website included a straight down, one day a few hundred, slowly collected from more than 10000 down to 4000 when I see light suddenly the original fish and bear’s paw can not have both. Here is what I sum up a few points, I believe we have great help, I hope webmaster friends do not go my old road.

1 must locate the direction of the site, can’t do anything like casting a net, so the title of a web site keyword is not concentrated, keyword density can not meet the standard.

2 do not stack keywords, many owners of the so-called SEO is actually really keyword accumulation, not more than 4, Baidu will take the initiative to the snapshot page appears in the word as the key words, this is to say that a page to worry about, why do some people website title, keywords, and description are not related words why his site can row in front? It is because his page reflects and has a certain density, this can be done by the snapshot, the corresponding word will correspond to different colors so as long as you page reflected in those words will be ranked.

3 must not change the title, keywords, web site introduction. Do the best station once good location changes have great influence on the included, maybe you some words ranking up but is what brings, is included, is included to reduce the rate of decrease is from Baidu’s website, disappear, it will make you The loss outweighs the gain.

4 must understand the concept of group of words, Baidu search is a group of words of words, try to let your words more words better, such as the release of information release and information that is split into a greater effect on the other words, so you can put the key words to play to the best state.