2011 enterprise website construction market or will reshuffle

after a dozen years of development, the Internet application to the breadth and depth of hitherto unknown. Not to mention that every door has started to make money, and now it’s full of blogs, forums, instant messaging software. Not to mention anti-virus, protection, music, audio-visual and other commonly used software, have begun to layout free market, not to mention the growing maturity, and has been widely popular mailbox, network storage and other communication tools widely used. Only the enterprise website construction market has ushered in a spring, despite the cold winter, also has a beautiful spring.

one, the market is broad, the outlook has gradually shown

more enterprises to build a web site, its purpose is not only to show the corporate image, effectively supporting the smooth progress of sales. There are some enterprises have full forward, began the layout of Internet marketing, for example, is now Baidu search engine company to render the network promotion, and major website advertising, and is derived from the website optimization. According to statistics, shortly before the Shanghai small and medium-sized enterprise Internet Marketing Association in Shanghai, 400 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises, 69.30% companies have set up their own websites, more than 20% of the companies have also begun to build their own company website in 2011. So, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, website construction has become a no small industry.

popular with the popularization of the Internet, and the increasing competition, enterprises to build one of their own independent website, and non affiliated on the portal website, or by Alibaba and other business platform is represent the general trend. We also noticed that Ma was incorporated into Ali’s next year’s China largest IDC service providers, but also the integration of intelligent system Chinese nets own, came back and called the standard station, seems to dominate the website construction market momentum. Large companies, regional strong, a large number of small and medium-sized Web site construction enterprises, how will give up this long-awaited opportunity,


two, good and bad, customer distrust increased by

but the enterprise website construction market is not optimistic, the prospect is broad, does not mean that each website construction company can certainly grasp this opportunity. Take the city of Shanghai, for example, in 2010 statistics show that the number of SMEs has been registered and run more than 400 thousand, and the number of new companies registered each month in about ten thousand. Generally speaking, on average, a company’s website will be revised every three years. The truth is very simple, the company is developing, and people’s aesthetic point of view is changing constantly. As a professional website construction company, pilot science and technology in assisting enterprises in the implementation of information technology operations, but feel more, but some enterprises helpless. Quality, speed, and late service are not guaranteed, so many companies are slowly losing confidence in small web sites.

first Shanzhai, then bleeding, finally jumped off the building, it seems that China’s small and medium-sized enterprises there is a common problem, the site construction market did not escape