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Tencent to give them a name overweeningly ambitious plan called "two dimension economy", is actually more ordinary people into the circle of the two dimension, trying to use the two dimension to the three dimension of the stunt business.

days ago, the media broke the barrage site Acfun was related to regulatory penalties and warning, the reason is in without approval, without authorization to engage in Internet cultural activities and Internet audio-visual program service. Although with the domestic ACG (animation, comics and games) the development of the market, the two dimension gradually by the parties of capital appreciation, while the A station development year Kekebanban, people can not help but to the two dimension can be successfully "broken" for heart health concerns, ready to flex its muscles in the two dimension field of Ali and the Tencent held sweat. But Ali, Tencent and their favored AB station never seem to want to "break the wall", and this time they want to do is ordinary people’s business, and this business does not seem so easy to make.

two dimensional ideal, but cross reality, this ditch

2008, the two dimension or a minority, the edge of the culture, not many people know about it, many people do not know what is the meaning of ACG, A stands for love two dimensional culture of young people to provide a platform, will be scattered in the forum, Post Bar users in together, they play cosplay, write Doujinshi, although with the reality of the three dimensional world is not synchronous, but bored. Later B station founded AB station to become the major domestic websites of two dimensional lovers watch and share, making the content of the two dimension.

in recent years, because of two dimensional hobbies and ideals and gradually developed AB station, in the road to reality is not going smoothly. At the beginning of the year, A station was reported in October, Youku infringement, mobile phone App appeared in the selection of love Rice porridge SARFT announced the first batch of illegal video software in the list, and the eponymous B station (Bilibili) has also been Beijing Iqiyi, Guangzhou, China Science and technology network Betta fabric etc. the company sued for patent infringement. External troubles, itself is not profitable, but not like before shouting "there is not the most important, the most important is that there are" such a capricious, website survival pressure forcing AB to choose to stand between the two dimensions of ideal and reality.


"we are not the two dimension, we are the 2.5 dimension."." Just as a A station operators responsible person said in an interview that, with 90, 00 after growing barrage, Yan text, KUSO culture ACG appears more and more frequently in daily life, accepted by the mainstream AB station is also quietly changing. Now, the content on the AB station is not limited to the two dimensional content, "full acceleration", "Langya list", "camouflage" and other three dimensional variety show, TV series have been carried to the site. More and more people choose to stand at AB station