From Li Kaifu’s praise of the nine knife talk about how to make an influential website

recently served as Google (Google) global vice president and Chinese District President Li Kaifu in a speech said: "if the entrepreneur learning nine knife can make the ultimate product!" nine knives is who? Li Kaifu was so respected him.

nine knife (real name Ke Jingteng), Taiwan network writer. Representative works: "Kung Fu", "killer" and "Shaolin Temple eighth" bronze etc.. Nine knife on the earliest way of writing, originated in his love failure, after attending the pursuit of the lover of 8 years Shen Jiayi after the wedding, he gave his first love story into a novel, published in 2007, 2011 and put the novel into a movie "in those years, we were chasing the girl". Gradually to succeed, nine knives in their personal blog signature is "sociology + comics + martial arts novel + Stephen Chow + Johnny To +X+Y= network novel classic manufacturing machine: Nine knives."."

Li Kaifu’s praise, nine knives "extraordinary" experience, to the ultimate success, for personal Adsense, it seems that just looking at other people’s story, and their own. In fact, not really. Success is not by accident, but by concentration. Personal webmaster always unhappy, whether static down to self check, their own web site whether there is the following problems:

question 1: what was your original intention of on-line website?

if it’s a hobby, the benchmark for success is having more congenial people to share with you. Not only meet their own hobbies, but also can obtain the fundamental survival, this is the original intention of the majority, then you do this in the website, launched the project, is not in realizing their ideal of life. Do stand success is the base of success, if you simply follow the trend, even if others, imitation to the extreme, but is also the second millennium".

question two: like challenging things that have never been done,


nine knife in the pursuit of Shen Jiayi, never want to have their own experience in the novel. However, once the failure of love, as a warning for the future, so the achievements of a romantic movie: "in those years, we were chasing the girl". We have all been girls, and perhaps we have all experienced the most emotional life in our life. No matter whether we succeed or fail, it is an unforgettable memory.

why, the reason is very simple, because no matter how much love to see movies, novels, that is what happened to someone else, only their own feelings, pay the truth, to understand personal sorrow and joy. The site is a technology live, from the site to online promotion, share the experience of the tens of thousands, which really useful for himself, that was not used, only daring to try, even, he found a never seen, love challenges, love to show themselves in unfamiliar areas, innovation is the webmaster success the source of the power of


question three: do the best in the world website, or do industry elite website