How does page design restore the design draft accurately

as a qualified page refactoring and web designers, in fact, there is a basic ability to: Web page restore design draft.

, can you make the page and the design a little bit good,


someone might think, and not build an atom bomb, which one pixel is not bad,


I want to say: the details are really important. The details determine the success or failure. It can be described as a thousand millimeters, if you want to build a boutique project, it’s really terrible. So in front of long winded so much is for everyone to pay much attention to the details of the page, really want to page when the atomic bomb to do. Here to share with you a little experience in my work, please.

the first step: snake playing seven inches – visual standard

sometimes we design from the designer to get there is not necessarily accurate, for example: the module title text of the same class, one is 13PX, another is 14PX; a page in a variety of font color eye look the same but the actual color values are not the same for each paragraph; for not the same; the same type of pop-up boxes of various sizes and so on…… In this case, we can not restore the design draft in order to restore the design draft.

in order to reduce the cost of communication with the designers, visual designers have to supervise the division standard reconstruction pre ZhengZhan, the public can agreement in the form of a document written later, strictly implement.

designers have better set up visual specifications before the page starts, so it can greatly reduce the cost of making pages later. In addition the page templates can be the stuff of the unified standard, such as ICON, font, background color, border and distance class unified interface, such as the late design specification for fixed change place up is very easy.

the second step: everything is ready except one crucial element of the design draft marked

always requires the designer to design for all kinds of special fonts, spacing, width, color, special words for special high mark and so on, so that when the page is made not to re measure also greatly enhanced the reduction design accuracy, and reduce the communication between designer and post adjustment cost cost. The following example:


third step: work to good things, must first benefit its instrument – Web scale tool (FastStone Capture)

a nautical compass, a thermometer for doctors, and a tape measure used by carpenters…… Many occupations have their own special measuring instruments, so we must also measure space, width, height and color when making pages…… And so on the data, then page production should also have a professional page accurate measurement tool?


here is a software that can accurately measure web pages