Dear webmaster what is the core value of your website

Understand the

values of each person are not the same, so the feathers here just to share some of their own point of view, only the real answer, there is no standard answer, very welcome Paizhuan, and exchange my friend is better. Remember the lecture, I asked the students a question: do you do a website is not every web page search engine over how much attention, how much included, increase the number of the chain, a keyword ranking and how much, how much traffic to websites today, advertising alliance income how many, how many Taobao customer transactions, the number of orders increased basically all is the answer?.

I asked again, so these are the value of your website? This answer on a variety of, there are say yes, there are also say, not, the reason is also rich and colorful. The point I gave was: it’s really the value of the website, but it’s definitely not the core value. The reason is simple: This is only a narrow angle of value, this is your value, not the value of the user. Dear webmaster, now you ask yourself, "do you do your website for yourself or for your users?" "so the answer is obvious:


supports the value of the website not what the website operator can get, but what can the user get on the website.

second, down in front of the idea, we think, what is the website to attract users? Is the supreme level of server space? Is the framework program skilled? Is your SEO level? The user can see only the content of the website. Friendly tips: This article for feather QQ1070058584 original, reprint please keep. Therefore, excellent content can attract visitors, gain the trust of users, and then can promote the next behavior, can bring profit to you!


SEO technology is no longer high enough to retain visitors. Maybe some stationmaster hope to a lot of people come to visit your site every day, show your ads, click on the ads, but you want to go back to your site to others why? Website support Pyramid as shown below:


site, Pyramid architecture: Web content – user experience, —SEO— media, —PPC. The most basic support is content!!!


third, how should we look at content? Many people want to blurt out: original content.

feather to give you an example: for example, BBS, a net friend eyes closed, literally hit a few words, made a few questions. Do you think his post belongs to the original? No doubt it must be, but when it comes to its value, I think it’s almost 0, it doesn’t work. If the search engine search, then it is at most to your collection of more than one 1. Well, what would you think of this forum if the whole forum was full of such bad quality? It must be a very rubbish forum. So you’ll find, >