80 poor two generations of grassroots webmaster confession to his son

baby son:


, I’m your father, your father, and of course you can call me dad". A typical 80 generation poor two generation grassroots webmaster. Today, dad is in deep pain, expressing deep remorse for you,


your father, my life, is a contradictory stage of sunshine and depravity. QQ does not forget to brag, before the computer does not forget to study, research a variety of technologies, one person concurrently with N website architecture, planning, customer service, technology, art, editing and many other titles. I don’t have much personal friends to your dad, no personality fashion street culture. I love you dad shopping to see beauty, but beauty does not love you dad, not because of your father I’m not handsome, just because your father is too rigid, out of the mouth network can’t speak! But I will be in the low tide crowd quietly as you confess head.

son, before you came and jumped out to breathe the fresh air, I was sentenced to death as your father. It’s my fault. The child, in addition to father deep remorse or deep remorse, repentance father is a 80 after two generations of the poor, confess you shouldn’t have such a time Dad! Son, not my father cruel, just live in a world where there are too many helpless and sad. Son, you may never know my sorrow, just like the darkness in the daytime.

tonight, please forget me. Son, don’t say Daddy doesn’t understand you.

son, you probably don’t know. As a poor two generation kid, you were born at the starting line of your life.

if the "rich two generation", "official two generations" of the children’s life starting line is their parents and grandparents shoulder, then "poor two generations" of the child’s life starting line is dark damp basement. Your dad, I don’t want you to be called the poor three generation". You are now my life there are too many uncertain factors, can only rely on your grandparents and help poor advertising revenue. Can you have a small income, but also to see the face of the mother, union mood. Before the distress from the poor, dad thought it best not to put you out for good; if you have the choice, I think you are not happy in "two generations of the poor family". Even if you do not abandon your father, you may not escape the poisonous and ferocious face of the poisonous milk powder, even poisonous rice, hogwash oil, Sudan red and so on..


son, as a poor two generation child, your education growth will be at a disadvantage.

just don’t talk about school education resources "for financial education", there is no way Dad also delivered the huge sponsorship fee in different places, and those of the wolf dog out of order cost, cost of the astronomical, really let your father my heart again is also difficult to implement! In the worship of money and interest above >