Grassroots webmaster readme Amoy website construction history

I am a grassroots webmaster, and most of the same kind of webmaster, one without technology, two without funds. In the online for a few years, the construction of many sites, but these sites to the end of the development, has become a garbage station, the weight is not the weight of the station, traffic station no one coming to say money, almost No. Although accumulated some website promotion knowledge, but for this piece of technology is only understand the fur.

two months ago, I decided to build Taobao customer shopping guide website, in order to change the historical sites do not profit for a long time, it will change a concept, is to change the advertising money depend on the alliance thought. Today’s alliance, that is, Google advertising, click the unit price is getting lower and lower, it is difficult to guarantee the proceeds of the webmaster, the site to profit, the construction of Taobao shopping guide network might as well be a bold attempt.

after a lot of understanding, comparison, I identified a female group for the Taobao site concept, the site of the program in addition to information and goods can be sent, there must be a API program. There are a variety of today’s guest website program, some can only send goods and information, some only have a API program, directly call Taobao goods operation. What I’m thinking about is that there is information that allows search engines to better include API programs that allow buyers to have more choices, so that the content of the site is a rich and extensive one.

The idea of

became clear, and I decided to start implementing my Taobao shopping guide. The first step was to register a domain name. My work has always been to the courage, the first step will never look back.

on the domain name of creativity, I have always come slow, this is not building garbage station, this is pinning their hope of the site, domain name can not careless. So, I think the Webmaster Station community to consult the webmaster, everyone is very enthusiastic, have a better idea, I have adopted a station friend with "lady+taobao" this combination of creative domain is proposed, and hurried to a IDC pre registered.Com suffix of the domain name, submit it was midnight. Want to contact customer service remittance, customer service, finance, let tomorrow then contact remittance, just second days before the evening have access to the Internet, the payment in the past, the opening of the domain name, domain name registration is found.

was quite angry, check the whoise domain name information, display all of the domain name address is the IDC City, should be after the IDC internal staff checked my registration information before I registered a domain name for this step. I don’t know what that would be like, but the whole process didn’t seem to violate anything. Before that, I was aware of this aspect, but never imagined that IDC would do such a small trick.

has no choice but to choose a different suffix of the same domain name:, this domain name is a combination of women and Taobao creative international domain name, consciously satisfied. >