Another 1 billion lesson see how the 51 COM was dumped


founder Pang Shengdong 51 are natural and unnatural to be used to compare with Shi Yuzhu, this is not only because of Shi Yuzhu itself is Pang Shengdong’s investors, more importantly, Pang Shengdong and Shi Yuzhu are familiar with human nature, many are exactly the same desire to utilize all of humanity and greed. In order to strengthen ourselves, to seize the global and the former global online dating, achievement of the first community, which let the yuan money money, popular game player, youlichuli. People who are not compatible but don’t break the rules to make controversial money.

but one thing is to admit that the Shi Yuzhu team than for Shi Yuzhu Pang Shengdong’s team never abandon, although there is no lack of loyalty, but the loss rate is too high, the oscillation frequency is too high is an indisputable fact.

we found that the formation of entrepreneurial team zuoniaoshousan fall apart with $1 billion lessons is not entirely necessary and sufficient condition, but very large relationship. This is where the logic is not recognized, once the venture with each other to form its own business team, there may be such problems, pressure and opponents of capital and entrepreneurial team is often followed by the press.

back to 51 this $1 billion lesson case, with Pang Shengdong and another founder Zhang Jianfu has been accompanied by the development of 51, which makes 51 of the management team has been in an unstable situation, organization structure corresponding to the many adjustments, while Shi Yuzhu and Pang Shengdong into my care, to lose 51 The Tencent may, of course, even if the Tencent may have killed in 51, infighting at the same time, Tencent of Qzone force, let Pang Shengdong have to accept 51 fall $1 billion worth of lessons.

, Pang Shengdong and Zhang Jianfu finally become passers-by,

2010 March, released a statement said, "Mr. Zhang Jianfu due to health reasons, hospitalization, surgery need long time to recuperate, so can not continue to serve as general manager of the company’s chief strategy officer and division, his post by CEO Pang Shengdong concurrently.

but now it seems that health is more like a decent excuse. Zhang Jianfu did have an operation on the respiratory tract before, but it was by no means what the outside world called "serious."". In his own interview with reporters, also said that after the body recovered, he will not go back to

Pang Shengdong and Zhang Jianfu, the two year to have 51 founder status itself, and once in the media scene, called the perfect Internet strongman, their fate would come to an end.

it’s common for a company to be co founded by more than one person, but for Pang Shengdong, the problem is not so simple for Zhang Jianfu, though they all admit the other side’s help and