19 factors that are not accessible to your web site

1, the website does not make sufficient investigation and research work, do not know oneself target customer group arrives hastily;

2, the website promoter embarks from individual interest, the target group is too small;

3, the target group access time is short, lack of network experience;

4, web content is monotonous, unable to mention the interest of visitors;

5, positioning the same, get together serious phenomenon;

6 failed to impress first-time visitors and found no reason for another visit;

7 does not provide valuable content and hot topics;

8, the domain name and web site name does not correspond, or difficult to remember, not easy to input;

9, navigation structure arrangement is unreasonable, the page structure is confused;

10, web pages often appear dead links, affecting reading;

11, lack of content source, update speed is slow;

12, interactive is not strong, can not stick to the browser;

13, page design is not professional, like personal homepage;

14, not registered in the search engine;

15, did not do search rank, bid advertisement;

16, registration search engines, or buy search rankings, auction ads, select keywords from the browser’s point of view;

17, the new site did not do online, offline promotional advertising;

18, fewer partners, no registration on the industry portal;

19, not related to similar sites to establish alliances, not to establish links

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