CMS vulnerability problems and suggestions for improvement

has several large CMS, a major update, even some of the overthrow of the previous version, but through the use of more BUG than usual, do not know what is the reason? The following list for the CMS


one, check unqualified

any products must pass strict inspection at the factory, to reduce the production of BUG, hastily released the official version, do not know because with a CMS competition who posted kuaiqiang customers? If your products are not qualified, grab what is the use? Will only be more people call in! Others the impression that you are just a manufacturer of garbage


two, service is not in place,

one thing is not qualified, but there must be a good service? At least I know how to correct it? Look at the forum! How many people you BUG some BUG forum? There is a management personnel to answer? Because we are free users? So you think on us don’t need to spend too much time?

rectification suggestion:

1, now that this is already happening, should carry out rectification, my personal recommendation is, first in the forum BUG version, open a zhidingtie, all proposed BUG users authenticate, if you do have this BUG write this post (to prevent BUG many people repeatedly submitted, increase the amount of inspection then, their corresponding BUG) repair after the repair as soon as possible, in the post of specially marked. Developers need to repair at least 80% new BUG users before New Year’s day, which prevents users from delaying the use of new year’s day.

The newly released version

2, the future need to be cautious, not follow the trend, if others do well, and you will be very bad, the loss of your users, this is the user need not The loss outweighs the gain.! Fresh, but need more stable and safe, no BUG CMS


younger brother not, just write these, if there is wrong, please criticize me.