Listen Admin5 Wang lecture in November 25th

on November 25th, at half past two p.m., King Wang conducted a lecture at the QQ group. The lecture was attended by three people in charge of’s picture king, 55LA’s Cai sum and Choi Fu tong.

is lucky today did not miss the lecture today, from early eight to half past two in the afternoon, this group is very hot, my QQ repeatedly dropped, administrators have to T some webmasters some advertising and talking with the lecture topic unrelated topic. Until half past two in the afternoon. Figure Wang appeared in the group, and we discussed the website profit model.

"how do you localize your site and create your own value?". The site relies on GG, which may be delayed or problems will be blocked. The same can not maximize the value, remember Cai Wensheng boss three years ago has been advocating the future site of the regional, industry, and professional network segments, high-quality user groups, so as not to meet the traffic and advertising itself closely, website needs to become a platform."

"our website is a platform for users, not a platform for ourselves.". This is the most basic thinking, but also more pragmatic thinking, the most primitive positioning. Often we lose our direction in the impetuous network. Ignoring your website is platform. Each of our webmaster is a teacher, are flying aircraft. This is a bit vulgar, but since we opened the website, will have the ability to have the original ride anyway, most real ideas. Use the platform to go down."


King mentioned three kinds of profit model in the speech: 1, direct user charges; 2, through some interaction, such as group purchase, purchasing value-added services fees; 3 people’s website, has tens of thousands of IP, these are tens of thousands of popularity, so many users, before they are a relationship with their superior user, there will be a lot of trading opportunities.

first of all, I really appreciate the speech from King Wang. He explained his views on how to make a profit on the future website and shared it with you. In this Internet winter is how rare.

under the influence of the financial crisis, the reality of the world, the economy continues to decline, a lot of Companies in one after another collapse, bankruptcy, countless workers began to laid-off home. The Internet has also ushered in the coldest winter this year. Single station profit model, income due to the SP Alliance on the price down sharply, many individual owners have to give up, video website, portal website, also in the cold winter to mass layoffs to reduce costs.

as a webmaster, I have been making money under the SP alliance, often under the pressure of the advertising alliance, and sometimes encounter K number may, I feel very passive. So it’s time to consider the new profit model for the site. And what services to attract users, and let users become customers, is a very worthwhile thing to consider.

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