s the product ultimately soul trust


heard to do have the soul of the product, checked a lot of products for the definition of the soul, there has been no understanding to the nature, but I experienced a product to know what is the soul of the products, some of the core elements of the corresponding service also on "the sea you learn" this book about the.

I don’t know whether their product manager, already know this, but I only to a user’s point of view, to elaborate on me for the company and products, service operations, admire the place.

1. Registration process

the entire registration process is completed under a simulated dialogue scene, the other side asked, I answer, a few questions and answers, registration and basic information on the completion of the form is quite innovative. But this is only on the surface, if this registration form on our products, the effect will also be very dazzling, some customers will feel that our technology and products are very cattle X.

But the other

products of bovine X is that they are providing artificial intelligence and human services assistant! And real assistant, often through the WeChat communication work, and the registration process is so designed that is close to the real scene design. The spirit of the product lies in this, not to make the technology and products and processes, all in order to restore the real needs of the user scene. This is also the "sea bottom fishing you do not learn", many services are not generated in order to increase value-added services to increase the potential for the purpose.

two, taxi scene

has many applications, such as reminders, taxi, order flowers and so on, are the basic access to third party service, common platform, is the third party can directly provide entrance, mutual butt orders or do some simple page optimization.

and the company’s taxi process: I text or voice: "home", the whole process of minimalist process end!!!! I said home, after a few seconds to inform me, the other number and a cancel button and check the driver position key, there is no content.

let me immediately think of a word "roughly right than precisely wrong", I need is to go home, so to determine the key processes are free! Because before the service record where my home is, even if there is a discrepancy, called to the car with the driver in the two communication can be resolved, and the other priority that my instructions are 100% correct, so there is no need to determine the demand (even if I mistake, later gave me the keys to cancel), roughly correct principle, so the whole without making any decision. And they like drops and EDAW cooperation, if a channel hit the car, they will automatically switch second channels, this is a real assistant to do, in reality, the assistant will not ask you whether the change drops hit the car the other taxi software, assistant need is self seeking solutions the final results and feedback. And VIP users, there are certain lines of credit, the other side will help me pay the cost. < >