7 mistakes that should be avoided in designing brand websites

website design, especially the higher requirements of customers and products of brand design, when we have a good idea in planning and web site design, but because of some small mistakes and let the effect site, it is sometimes a pity. As the saying goes, a mouse droppings, bad gruel, how to avoid such embarrassment, we summed up some easy to make mistakes, to allow more web designers and customers common progress.

1 doesn’t take into account the habit of search engines. It is difficult to search engine for the processing and recognition of typewriting, complex, and hyphens of various problems, the accuracy of the search will be reduced. In the new environment of online marketing, the role of search engines can not be ignored, if not to consider the habit of search engines, not only hurt all search users, as well as brands themselves. Search is the most important way for users to find, and the title of a web page is an important tool for you to attract customers. The page title is a web site for users to bookmark the default text, should be the name of the company at the beginning, but at the same time, all the page title words are the same, to open multiple windows users, the usability of your website will seriously reduce.

2 does not distinguish between the colors of the visited link. Visitors need to define their location on the site, so it’s easy to decide where to go next. By displaying different colors, the user can tell which links have been accessed and which links have not been accessed. This is human.

3, page text is not typeset. Browsers don’t like to see text piled up, so browsing through the text will be painful experience. For users to read well, use small headings, lists, keywords, paragraphs, and so on.

4, too uniform, fixed font size. Different users have their own browsing needs and preferences. Fixed fonts make it easy for some users to not get what they want, or at least feel unhappy. Respect the user’s preferences, so that they can modify the size of their text according to their needs.

5, don’t make content look like an ad. If you ask customers what they don’t want to see, they will answer the ad page. Selectively attract attention is the way quite powerful, but it is best to avoid any similar advertising design, because users have learned to ignore the attitude of those in front of the purpose of retaining a strong advertising, banners, animation, pop-up window will allow visitors to abandon reading.

6, ignoring consistency is one of the most important usability principles. When browsing, happy things, to let customers feel fresh, at the same time, a sense of security and reliability, we must have certain rules and principles. When things follow the same principles of operation, users do not have to worry about the accident, the user can think of yourself to see what could be next, this is reliable, the user does not love out of a PDF file browser when, because it will interrupt the user’s browsing process.

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