A webmaster of the bitter experience of earning 500 so difficult

this time last year, in order to be able to concentrate on site, quit the job, with the webmaster dream, back home, began webmaster life. I give myself a year, a monthly income of 500 target is.

home is hard, often overnight until dawn. Begin a few months, first perfect website program, content. I do not learn the procedures are fine, barely enough to do a few small stations. It’s a tedious thing to do a website, especially for a person who pursues perfection, the website is always an endless task. Later figured out, even if the effort to improve some functions, it can not bring you traffic.

a few months later, the site and no improvement, this is not the way to go, certainly earn no bottom line, 500 yuan of living expenses. The person has lost several laps; his hair has fallen out (fortunately, his hair is long and fast, or smart); sometimes he is paralyzed in a chair and still has to handle it. The family saw the situation and began to speak. Fortunately, before work, leaving a little money, every month to take seven hundred or eight hundred pieces, said the site earned, but cheated others can not deceive themselves. Girlfriend also mockery and ridicule hot cold, physical and mental torture, against the spirit really terribly fatigued. At this point, I did not give up the idea, can not easily say "abandon", everything can not casually succeed. I began to improve the site content and to find some promotion, marketing software, the automatic promotion software, while saving, send out advertising, but to no effect, or to some famous community posted good effect. I haven’t done any writing or video promotion. The article published to the important media need relationship, I think the video release if intentions to do, should be good, good video browsing millions of times, in the above to flow, for our station is enough. The forum some views are often millions of times, I often joked a site on their own than others in a post in the forum, this is my (perhaps individual webmaster) give a reason for the site.

although the promotion can bring traffic, but also bring a little income, but can not keep traffic. If I sit there daily, my goal will be $500. But what I want is steady income, that is, a fixed income of 500 yuan a month, to solve the fundamental problem of survival. Let me have time, no pressure to better develop my web site, so that the website can be distinguished, this is the ultimate goal of my station, not to do some garbage stations, in order to earn living expenses. I received a monthly salary of 5000, a good treatment, and sometimes a seven, eight thousand into the bag, no sense, when the webmaster, only to find that what a lovely sum of money. Well, the stationmaster is really hard to survive.

winter, too long time sitting in front of the computer, you should be about fourteen hours a day, five or six hours a sit down, no blood circulation, numbness. Feet begin to produce frostbite (this is my first secondary frostbite, because in the south the winter is not very cold), and finally take the right hand of the mouse is also frozen, swollen, painful dead, especially sleep more painful, often wake up pain. I have said to myself countless times: "I am tired, I have thought of giving up many times, but >