Experience sharing reprint articles retain copyright get traffic

believe that many webmaster and I have tried, in reprint other people with copyright article, because of the following reasons for the original author of the copyright links delete.

1. does not want to give the reader a copyright link, so as to avoid traffic loss of

2. don’t want to leave too much outside the chain, lest be search engine drop right

3. to readers caused by the article is the station staff or members of the original illusion,


The importance of

copyright, I do not want to say, is right or wrong, I do not want to say, I would like to use the reserved copyright to get traffic.

summary words: want others to Hello, you have to be good to others, want others to give you flow, you have to give other people flow

I think as long as

is the webmaster, will release statistics on the website, will certainly see the statistics, statistics have a very important antecedents, when you reprint articles left a copyright link, your readers in the past, the author will appear in the statistical background is from your website in the past the general will visit and see why from your site traffic over his station…

this formed a flow (unfinished), I believe the author will give you an evaluation, well, this webmaster good, keep my link, respect for my labor, is a good webmaster, ha ha)

you want, if your site to tens of thousands of copyrighted article, there are 1% visits every day, you have hundreds of traffic. This I tested, is a success. I have a forum, reprint articles all add copyright, now traffic is small, but the total flow in copyright, accounted for about 10-30%.


add copyright, respect for the labor of others, a good reputation, and won the Why not? Flow,


language text level is limited, is very messy, but I believe the meaning has been expressed, and they hope to help everyone, finally called for copyright http://s.xianxingji.com/bbs/

: please keep reproduced articles