Lu Songsong comment on the web page design of the four major portals

today, "interaction" is emphasized in the Internet, and "comment" is also the main force of "interaction". This article analyzes the comments, web design and comment quality of the four major portals. Reviews have become one of the most important differences between online news and traditional news.

1: Web Design and comment quality of NetEase review


Web Design: NetEase review called "post"". In the web design review should be the most valuable NetEase comments, comments into the first sight is the top up pointed remarks; levy mode have a unique style, let users feel very fun, but also makes a number of websites have many users to follow, which is why the floor cover every day, there are a lot of people think the reason of NetEase good news.

comments: quality NetEase review is the place that I often go, speech is relatively loose, often there will be some wise, you laughing helplessness reviews. Regional attacks are a feature of the NetEase review. "I believe that Lu Songsong in the blog comments, can hit the nail on the head" is from the NetEase comments, here I met Steve Nash, director, Mike, Mars and kantie not return card users…….

2: Sina reviews web design and reviews quality


Web Design: Sina review called "I want to comment."". As you can see from the figure above, Sina’s review design, web design is very good. Enter the news comment thing is the latest comments, drawbacks of latest comments are of no importance comments will first show in front of users, after the lead users click to enter comments, comments are not color feeling.

even though Sina reviews have the hottest reviews, at least half of my users don’t want to click on the mouse.

, according to my analysis

review quality: Sina users comment atmosphere is more rigorous, more official, feel just a minority of speech zone, often delete post behavior.

3: Sohu reviews web design and reviews quality


Web Design: the Sohu review calls me "two sentences."". As Sina and Sohu comments, comments also directly display the latest comments, and the comments page with all kinds of advertising, design review page is too complex, after the first must see Sohu comments of users into the comment page, thought it wrong.

comments on the quality: Lu’s personal feelings, Sohu comments should be more moderate, there is no color of the place, there is no