Actual local hospital network promotion brand than flow

has been promoting a local hospital website for almost 3 months now. From the data point of view (in addition to this period of Baidu unstable situation), the effect is still very good, the flow of more than 1000 per day, consulting volume in about 50-100, you can say that such a conversion rate is very successful. Of course, a lot of professional SEO has been in the hospital SEO drive this subdivision industry, and there are many valuable experience, he is also in continuous learning. Able to do so, but also want to share experience with you.

hospital network promotion, individuals believe that the most important thing should be to establish brands. Either offline or online, cure doctor are to pay attention to the brand effect, a hospital the neighbors heard XX old doctor Shoudaobingchu, even on a month’s team, will stick to go there. Such a phenomenon is common in hospital promotion, as long as the brand value is excellent, there is no fear of patients coming. Therefore, in carrying out the promotion of hospital network, brand building, brand maintenance and brand value tracking survey, is the main line of our work.

1. local forum: starting with a typical case, from the patient point of view, say

local forum crowd is mainly local users, not necessarily everyone is target customers. Therefore, select the more well-known cases of the hospital, the general hospital can select popular cases for publicity. Hire professional writers to help, from the point of view of patients, writing the treatment of soft wen. For example, the doctor’s experience, illness, treatment, etc., in a tone of the masses. Finally, be sure to give an attractive title to the article.

BBS promotion need to pay attention to is, we can’t send a lot of new posts every day and different cases, so it is easy to see the hospital advertising, and produce conflict psychology. Fine do a few posts, every day for different vest top stick. Keep the post with a certain amount of feedback and browsing.

for example, we do with maternal and child hospital, the baby diarrhea in this case as the main content, write a mother in order to treat diarrhea to online search, sorting a lot of data, and then one by one analysis, also visited several hospitals, expert outpatient service of our hospital in the last to know the truth, treatment.

this post has been active in the forum and Baidu ranking for 1 and a half months, bringing traffic and hospital attention is very good. A simple mass of cases, can make the mother of all to pay attention to, even if the children do not have diarrhea, will go to serious and browsing, we promote the understanding of our hospital in the hospital, strong maternal and child health care.

2. news media: to start with the health of residents, universal health care knowledge

The coverage of the

news media is the city’s residents, which, of course, refer to local media. We are in the news soft Wen promotion, formulated two strategies, one is to take new cases as the breakthrough point, attract the eye; and the other is to residents health knowledge as cut