Medical website optimization mode transformation encounter bottleneck experience share

is currently in the current medical China difficult and expensive is more and more prominent, with the rapid development of Internet and promote the network information popularization momentum, medical market’s new medical network website with its wide audience, information acquisition convenient rapid rise. The medical website advantage is also embodied more reasonable allocation of medical resources in the breakthrough time and space constraints, which can effectively reduce the cost of medical care, hospitals, doctors, and achieve win-win objective to a great extent.

because of this advantage, the medical industry website marketing as a medical industry website operation means. Among them, the use of SEO and pay per click is the most common, but also almost every medical industry website marketing means used. Although the current network medical market has a very positive change in people’s traditional medical concept, it also provides valuable experience for opening up the internet medical market in the future. But at this stage, the online medical market is relatively chaotic, and there are few high-quality websites, and the credibility is not high enough.

this brings difficulties to the operation of the website, the quality of paid clicks is directly affected by the quality of the website and the reputation of the medical institutions, and SEO is also affected by the development of the industry. Now the SEO has not like this industry just when the rise of that, as long as you are diligent, you can collect information, mass outside the chain, ranking is always good. Now with the perfection of the search engine algorithm, SEO to cheat more strict abandon, plus the development of SEO industry is more chaotic, there is no unified regulations, everyone is a recount, think of a trick.

in the face of the current situation in the SEO industry and medical industry websites, the optimization of the medical industry is bound to have a transition, the chain to the quality, breadth of change, content to quality change. And to deal with this transition, perhaps for most of the webmaster is not easy to right. The transition period is just like a snake molting, butterfly pupae, is a painful process, carry over it but does not rule out the anti dense willow trees and bright flowers, not the past may. Take the author, for example, the site ranking stagnant, so with fear, but it is imperative, in order to work with this "transition" line, the work focus will be adjusted as a whole.

before doing the chain, the main source is the forum, blog and classification information, and in order to achieve the amount of the forum accounted for a large proportion. But now the forum outside the chain has more than halved, leaving time to write text, in order to improve the comprehensive quality of the chain. In the middle there is a very sad thing is to let the author, have two blog for a long time, included is very good, the chain also took a few days, but it suddenly is not included, the chain does not take, or not included. But resources, total loss of time, but even more chilling is that the snapshot is always the next day, today suddenly not updated. The total number of chains, clang down, I fell out of love.

although the website is in transition, the situation is a bit small, but everything takes a process