Discussion on the difference between competitive bidding and Taobao’s shop

a friend of mine asked me today, "you don’t have a shop in Taobao.". Next, I would like to talk about the difference between competitive marketing and Taobao shop.

1. page and domain name difference.

Taobao shop is self-help management model, and open Taobao is a multi product retail, it is equivalent to we entered a supermarket, which products are there. Taobao shop tens of thousands, you just do better, the layout of the better, but also just one of the Taobao shop, will not have a strong impact. But the vast majority of bidding is a single product marketing, in web design, language packaging, you can free to modify, but Taobao is just stereotyped, you shop product can only fix a page. In addition, Taobao distribution in the domain name, you is a two level domain, and we basically use the bidding top-level domain, and through the language of sound and so on the packaging, with Taobao than similar products, it is a world of difference.

2. profit difference.

we all know, the current Taobao similar products competitiveness is great, unless you are selling very special products. Taobao, as long as you can think of the product area search, you can find a row out. Then the normal profits products are on the market with real profits almost, you sell products loopholes too expensive, others do not is no choice, others will not easily buy. But bidding, we through the above domain name page white installed, you can enlarge the product profits to the actual product price of 10 times, or even 20 times, the reason for this is profiteering.

3. traffic difference.


products mostly rely on the natural flow, such as through the search engine, external links and so on, others likely search over buy have to rely on the credibility of your store packaging and so on, the quality will not flow is very high, the customer’s purchase intention is not strong. Then, bidding, we basically operate through the search engine rankings get traffic, to make an example, we look at this ad:


this advertisement is an increased advertising in a short description of shoes, there has been very clear to tell friends, cash on delivery, fake a lose ten, this is a type of advertising sales, so no purchase intention are not what is generally not to the point of the advertisement, the method we have in his "Adwords" money cheats, bidding is intention to bring traffic flow, is generally not garbage flow. Depending on the natural flow, 1000IP may conclude a single order, and in accordance with the bid way, 100IP may be a deal.

someone says, even if 1000IP is a deal, but others did not spend a penny promotion fee, but you spent 30 promotion fee. So we ignore the difference between the second, wool is always in the long run, the market is the unspoken rule of law, you.