How can the website of novel kind let the quantity of visit be stabilized

I’m going to talk about my website today, and discuss the prospect of the novel station by the way. In April last year, I have been thinking of what station, what station flow on the fast, and I also like to read novels, on the assessment of interest, do pull a novel station. When is the first time to do, what also do not understand, even corn is a friend sent me a level two, to read a drop-down online program, and then excitedly began to do station just started to drive very full day to manually update, Post Bar to post, about a month to four thousand IP. The daily income is very low (may then not AD) I remember the first time I like to pull the income of more than 100, very glad to receive the first money, still Fantasy: this month’s Cigarette Money! Was also very satisfied, the first online money that adhere to the 878 month appearance, just started the drive did not pull, read the program is rubbish, I also very server garbage station is bigger and have no interest in hanging every two or three days, is not easy to do.

VIP because many sections of the novel is generally the picture, then free novels program generally cannot capture pictures, do too tired, all flesh was updated summary pull fiction station must have a good program, one server bandwidth than a foot, or do stand it is difficult to. But I can say that this is what some are not, my first station basically is to pull in August to give an update, not how I might pull good luck in August, when I put my case and a friend down, taking the time to pull him to help me write a Jackie plug-in acquisition program (blueheart collector is now popular online), I started my new novel pull station course, in mid September, the official site collection, then spent several days collecting tens of thousands of the landing each search, September more than 20 included, No. 30 officially updated, and in Post Bar to top pull a few days to pull in mid October IP rose quickly up to ten thousand (Dora, I had two to pull the top new corn for corn) at IP rose heart is very comfortable, looks very cool, income is also The high many, in November GG revenue reached pull around $eight hundred. At that time, I thought, it was not difficult to do the station, and the income was also high.

The weather is unpredictable

know where the start of December GG revenue fell from the previous day, around $thirty, to more than a dozen knives, what my advertising didn’t move, until now the day six hundred or seven hundred points, only three or four input knife, I cry! This is my last point income. Pull more than 500 only three knife point. Novel station traffic is high, the advertising value is too low to pull on this issue I also asked to pull a lot of their peers, and I almost, well more than a month and the price is very low, the group also has a lot of novel station, and I believe that we are the same, and the novel station now is very low income. Another friend of mine, his novel station is very famous, day IP has three hundred thousand, but his income speak out, we won’t believe just a few hundred dollars, he didn’t put pop, income about: GG.16 knife, =110 yuan, YAHOO.=200 yuan, SOGO>