Don’t underestimate the cost of the website construction site

often see some reports "XX rely on the web site a monthly income of XX yuan, the construction cost is only a few hundred dollars to the words" this kind of. It seems that making money online and beautifying the environment can make money as long as you go in. Can truly from the network from getting too high normal profits and how many people? Every day against the cold computer code words, with the chain, the station is apart from us, who can understand? Novice webmaster, should also address the website construction cost, don’t be by simple language. A good website, not a few hundred yuan built up, it’s finished, it requires you to invest too much, too much effort and money.

pre construction market research costs

ruled out basic knowledge. When you start a website, you should investigate the industry network environment, if it is the company, or have decided the industry. Better to study existing websites. These studies include, but not only the collection of long tail keywords, keyword flow estimation, the number of competitors, the difficulty of competition, the cost of site investment, the distribution of maintenance personnel and so on. Remember when I started doing hospital websites, I spent three whole days digging out the long tail words of all kinds of diseases and marking the relevant indexes. The initial data is the more detailed, the better, for the future development of the site plays a decisive role.

website construction cost

in fact, the construction cost of the website itself is the best for the whole process. The basic construction of the site is space, domain name, and construction costs, the entire cost of choosing a different company, according to their own needs, from hundreds to thousands of thousands of.

site maintenance cost

site maintenance costs are not small, for personal Adsense, basic needs, tomorrow are concerned about their own web site, should have fixed time every day to maintain their web site. The basic maintenance of the website is the maintenance of space and the maintenance of data. Not only to monitor the operation of the site, regular backup of data, but also according to the development of the site, adjust the space and so on. Especially encountered bad space, then you have to toss about, and if you have big data, to change the space, move a server, but not half a minute will be able to complete. Most of them now use ready-made programs, which are often needed for program upgrades, transformations, and so on. Encountered big problems, it is estimated that you can toss about a few days, and maintenance of the site’s large and small time, energy count, if you do not invite people, it can be regarded as a half labor costs.

website promotion cost

a website is not simply built, there are people, there are traffic. The web site for more than a thousand million, even the popular industry, search out the website also has hundreds of. How to stand out from here will not be easier than industrial competition. If you simply rely on SEO, according to the needs of a person to a team. And for the most popular industries, the money making industry wants to be stable