How to make your website attractive to customers

many companies or individuals do web sites, or design unique, or bright colors, or powerful, all want to make their website improve the amount of access. Jiyuan information online ( combined with its own course and the current trend of the Internet, willing to share with you our successful experience. In fact, this will not only attract your customers to visit your website, but also increase the number of clicks:

1 offers short term discounts.

Internet users like cheap goods, which is a good way to attract eyeballs. Using short-term sales to stimulate people’s desire to spend, if the time is too long, the user may give up buying. Let users know that specials are always changing, so that they can be encouraged to visit your website regularly. Offers are also innovative, such as giving free gifts instead of direct discounts.

2, a popular trend.

Internet users often surf the Internet for popular information about what they are interested in. Setting up a link between an enterprise and hot news can be a great way to attract customers to your site. This is a strategy commonly used by public relations companies, and this approach applies to you as well. For example, after changes in the country’s tax policy, you can ask an accountant to write an article for your website to analyze the impact of the new policy on your customers and their local businesses. Please note: when you follow the hot news, you must be very careful.

3 regularly update information.

Why should

web surfers return a few changes to the site? So please make your website information up-to-date you, it will make visitors feel your company to follow the trend of the times, but also to the responsible business.

4, hosting the competition.

this is a very good way for visitors to feel curious and excited about your website. Provide feedback to your users so that your results can become an analytical data for field studies. Bonuses are not ordered too high, but should arouse interest in the target user market. Another advantage is that when new arrivals participate in your competition, you can ask if they need access to other company news and information. Note: to be legal, please ensure that you follow the rules and regulations concerning online competition.

5, send e-mail.

this commonly used promotion strategy is extremely effective. Instead of building a mailing list for thousands of subscribers, you should focus on building a high quality list of target users. When sending email communication, it should be short and should have more information. Company promotion is useful, but don’t rely too much on it.

6 adds a specific email group.

if you have the time to join the target email list, it is a way to communicate with potential customers