Baidu old old station laughed the new owners cry

thanks the Admin5 Adsense nets, give them a good publicity platform, a few articles I write the very dish, still can pass the examination, N said the picture always support our brother to write text, which I also tasted the benefits. As long as the fastest two or three minutes will be included in Baidu, a two chain is a PHP page, a HTML page, but this is very magical ah ~! Comrades against being called the psychological, to write the original stationmaster net, do not care about the opinions of others, anyway. Lin Zi what birds are big, just like the 5.12 Sichuan earthquake, Chinese face big grief, but a lot of people to hype, even more bizarre is also called Chinese Chinese, pull away.


novice more care about is included in Baidu, Baidu is the only rookie to open, as if she couldn’t live like that is not included, should pay attention to several times every day, but every time is a hit! Baidu update slow, with the virus of the page, some time ago there was a a famous website of World of Warcraft, Baidu with a virus or put it in the front row, do not want to understand why Baidu is so rubbish, the search in the Chinese? YAHOO search, Google, soso… This will be worse than Baidu, in just a few years, Baidu will do deep into the hearts of the people, Chinese Internet users search on things, Baidu one hundred years later may not change. Baidu is no longer, the site frequently problems, new sites are not included, or included late. It is because Baidu has not advanced technology, we can look at the Google data collected every day. The data about 20PB (20000TB, 1TB=1024GB). It is a very alarming figure. These data every day through the huge cluster to deal with, as of September 2007, the number of Google cluster has reached 11000 units. These servers most of the configuration with two Intel Xeon processor (HT) and 4GB memory, two 160GB hard disk, and Ethernet connection, each about $2400 (this passage collected from the network)

, say it every other day. Webmaster friends, do you think the Baidu is so generous to buy a server to install our junk site? I believe that the garbage collection sites are many people included in Baidu, it is also very cattle. (you don’t have to show off in the comments on the Baidu ^_^) for no original, bully don’t understand optimization webmaster. Some people will say that Baidu is not your home, what do you think it will include your website, then I Speechless! The store put things just to let people see you again, even if the money can not buy, you can buy and sell, the store also not to swing. The webmaster is not anti misgovernment makes the people rebel, not up, not discerning eyes of the masses


go on and let people scold stop there, some suggestions on the new owners:

new station do well, column less, do more original article. Do not have too much time to copy on the network, the title and content change, and do more links, and more to the major forums to promote