Do guest we should take a responsibility

nowadays, Amoy more and more widely accepted, more and more users are eager to do Amoy Amoy. Through the forum, blog, site advertising for businesses, with their own hard work to earn some pocket money, businesses can Amoy propaganda also expand visibility, increase sales, to achieve a win-win situation. I think these can be encouraged, because it also make full use of cyber source. But there is one thing I think about, that is the responsibility of the.


on TV and other media, star endorsement of a product advertising, if advertising product quality problem, people will ask the stars you used this product? Is not the one who gave you pay more than you give who advertising

?Then we Amoy

advertising for businesses is also to experience the product, is to pay attention to royalty or how much attention to quality? We can’t help but to think of.

these days I saw several star site, do the daily flow. Tens of thousands of IP be in full swing, I pay attention to what their advertising price, or even 1500 yuan / week. A rough calculation can know stationmaster income. Here I am not jealous people. But I noticed them advertising with what bug, mobile phone. In accordance with the laws of our country. They are forbidden to buy private products, why our webmaster can advertise their


we are talking about the Internet, television and other media irresponsible all the time. As individuals, do we have to follow the crowd,


I think, as a guest, also must have the occupation morals, also have their own responsibility.

first law! Don’t give those laws prohibit the sale or contrary to the social and moral product advertising, do their guest.

second to live up to the conscience. We recommend the goods, even if we do not try, at least in the future can also focus on feedback buyers, for those poor many shops, customers reflect the quality is not good or the general products, we do not advertise for him! Even lucrative to give up.

Tao is an emerging occupation, he " " there is plenty of rationality and has good prospects for development, but also a new thing to have certain norms, there are certain barriers to entry, or because of some a good occupation will be an evil member of the herd to ruin