Analysis of the promotion methods of video sharing network

for several days did not write video sharing network status series of articles, recently because of busy work, coupled with the previous home live far away, home from work is very late, no time and energy to write. Moving now, I’m close to work. Finally, take some time to write about what interests you. This and everyone analysis, TOP6 video site used what promotion means?.


1: promotion of the website station (see Figure 1)

I remember that I wrote an article about "effective promotion methods for large and medium websites" and "common website promotion method (mcq0544 version)". I have friends in the reply, the site is not a way to promote. But in my opinion, the website also needs to be promoted. Now do site navigation site, especially large flow site, station, are very realistic. Unless your website is absolutely NO1 in the industry. He doesn’t collect your website for you without reason. Only by his mouth to talk, either on, or to spend money. Some mainstream web site will be included. Go to the site of the station people do ideological work, this is in doing web site promotion.

circle of friends should know that the site navigation traffic is very targeted. Site navigation traffic quality, and search engines can go to the user almost. Site navigation, in fact, is a web site classification search engine. You can see through figure 1. Potatoes and Youku have been pushed to the home page at 5 major web sites, and they can imagine how much traffic they’re going to get from the site every day. Hao123, I guess I can bring Youku and potatoes to 5-10WIP every day. I saw the statistics of a podcast website 1 years ago. Because it has been pushed to the home page by HAO123, I remember seeing IP around 6W. Now, podcast sites are getting more and more famous. I think it should be close to 10WIP now, or even more.


two: the promotion of traditional large websites (see Figure 2)

everyone should know that the traffic quality of the big websites is very good. To have advertising on these sites, not only can get a lot of traffic, but also to the website brand is very good promotion. In this case, I used only 4 major portals and Baidu as a reference example. When I do this data, I go to these 5 websites, the main channel page and the content page. Both inside and outside read, no podcast network advertising. In addition, I can only rely on my own memory, which podcast network has been on these 5 sites have been extended. I would like to ask for data accuracy first