809 generation network pioneering Road individual core competitiveness

webmaster friends everybody is good, I is the "809 generation", my webmaster age less than March, feeling in the actual operation of the site. This gave some personal ideas, and want to start the local personal webmaster said, welcome to communicate with you, the "webmaster nets" first, all copyright Malone Dragon such as, please indicate from the station network".

is very important for the individual stationmaster competitiveness, has very strong competitive power to resist the possible competition with the industry and unpredictable problems have very important role, but how to cultivate the core competitiveness can not be copied is very important.

is now in twenty-first Century, the site between the copy to copy is too common, even my heart harbor "webmaster nets" can be copy of doom, the emergence of the crisis some webmaster appeared in the same industry competitors, could gain is difficult, another one of the same type, I plug, the possibility of profit uncertainer.

if you have the above idea, but also want to make the site profitable, then you might as well look at the younger brother’s personal experience in practical operations.

to do useful people, do station also do useful station. Useful websites don’t necessarily make money. Money making websites must not be common.

first station to do a website to welcome users, on the place, can serve the people side of the site, a popular website is not afraid of no money, the profit is the cornerstone of web connections are possible, based on long-term profitability, please try not to do garbage station.


website is a communication platform only, please do not all focus on the site, how many web application function does not matter, as long as enough on the line, not the strength of the team for personal webmaster, without strong financial support, of course, relatively rich except for some personal webmaster, not only refers to the well-off webmaster friends. If the site itself becomes the core of the whole process, once the site has problems, it may affect the entire venture without strong technical support.

therefore, in the whole process of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to transfer the core competitiveness to the webmaster himself. May encounter two cases, one is out of the site, entrepreneurship can continue, and the other is out of the site, entrepreneurship seriously hampered. For the former, the role of the webmaster is the core competitiveness, and the latter is too dependent on the consequences of the site.

, and personal Adsense core competitiveness of training is actually very simple, that is, you want to put their position out, play their own role is an indispensable part of business dealings. That’s just a little, is away from your entire business is not so smooth reach, so even if the site encountered problems, customers will get in touch with you through other means, to continue your business, of course, it will have to pay a lot, but once you have the core competitiveness, you will not have to. More >