How much are you paying for the 5 billion for AdSense

, according to Google global online sales and operations vice president David Fischer yesterday in Beijing to accept an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, revealed that Google last year to the global Adsense account $5 billion. It is reported that this expenditure accounts for about 20 billion of Google’s annual revenue of $1/4, and the power of the station has a very important help for its business. This is the original words on the news, in this does not talk about grassroots AdSense for their business help important or not, just say to the webmaster of this white Hua Hua 5 billion dollars concept,

!But the global head of the

group is also a very large group, on the Internet I can not find a specific number, but only Chinese webmaster according to incomplete statistics, as of around 1 million 500 thousand, but this year continues to rise, although the money is a minority, but this figure is enough to make those reports and wandering in the mode of the webmaster Wangzhuan thinking of ways of making money on the Internet is diverse, others rely on the website member January can receive tens of thousands, but does not mean that you can also use a forum, people can create virtual products into hundreds of thousands of income, stand by GG can also be a monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars garbage do others, but does not mean that you can, so the mode of the website diversification, that model does not make money or not is the kind of model of money Money, it is important to see if you find a suitable model of their own Wangzhuan.

as a grassroots webmaster, only rely on investment to take a "good" creative "own single-handed, with vigour and vitality on the Internet to do a turn, I think it is not so easy to coax, and reputation in the circle of Internet and money is not proportional, I said no potential and long-term. For example, graph king, and everyone will show up for GJJ webmaster general assembly, if you think of yourself as a webmaster, if it can be said is not a real master you don’t know this two people, but the silent owners earn more money than their two more stationmaster I think too much, so that the road mentality different you different, as a webmaster, I think the model is not important important is to see whether you earn money is the most important


is the purpose of writing this article to tell the new Adsense just into the webmaster circle, not to do what kind of website and depressed won’t do a commercial station or the so-called dumpster for yourself is wandering, I refer to "junk" and not those who take things copy the Internet real information garbage, referring to all my article "dump" is to rely on advertising alliance profit as the main purpose of the website. If you really want to do for their own future economic sources of network, by this industry, then choose one to their own good Wangzhuan mode to it, there is no income earned by union must than other business or industry website to earn less money, have any is the same. Things are not absolute, higher interest can also see the heart a few days ago to write the text.