Mao Hongliang how to make use of your website resources to make money

as a webmaster, proud of, of course, is hard to build their own website, we also know that the site is made by advertising. Therefore, the establishment of Web sites to do traffic has become a required course for each webmaster. The most traditional form of advertising is advertising. A good advertising can be sold per month or even hundreds of thousand dollars, but now it seems not many companies are willing to put in the small hard advertising website, the so-called hard advertising is that advertisers directly and you negotiate advertising, those monthly package of advertising, advertising is called the hard. The demand for hard advertising is not high, or it has something to do with the current network environment.

In addition to hard ads,

is the advertising alliance. It’s one of the easiest ways to convert traffic into money. But in my eyes, the preferred advertising alliance or Baidu alliance, in a few years ago, Google alliance is also good, but now increase the site audit efforts, slightly less, the account was closed, I don’t know, there is no webmaster from cheating and be sealed? The other minor league there are good, but need to use their own webmaster to know, of course, there are some liar union.

small and medium-sized Web site Adsense by alliance, no advertising League, no we now site webmaster. It seems that now this argument is untenable, because the site’s profit is diverse, the site can also sell traffic, sell links, sell products, VIP membership fees and so on. For example: the article information station, it also has its own way of profit, high ranking, high weight station, have a certain reputation. You can make money by publishing soft text.

often enterprise customers in some small and medium-sized sites use the lowest economic consumption, get better article promotion. Send an article, the price can be 5 yuan to 30 yuan, mainly depends on the class of the website ranking, of course we can not go to Sina, they go to NetEase than, they released an article cost up to $100, and the release effect is not so ideal, to the rolling news inside customer information, soft soon overwhelmed like sea like more information.

webmaster, have their own web site, in addition to hard advertising, advertising alliance, sell links, sell traffic, etc., in addition to release information to make money. Of course, if there is no customer to send information, you change the angle of view, you can publish your own advertising information ah. For example, you have both a website and a Taobao store. Your site weight ranking is good, published articles, Baidu seconds income. So why don’t you use your website’s resources to publish information about yourself,


take my own web site (Chu Tian Webmaster Station) for, everybody Baidu search: "Adsense station."". You will find that the keyword on my website is basically kept at Baidu second pages, sometimes eleventh, and sometimes seventeenth. My keyword has been done, Baidu second page, already not quite simple. Baidu articles included is also very healthy, very friendly, the basic release of the article will be released immediately, so I wrote my ad in the article, soft text. >