Do a good job site correlation water into the canal from itself

everyone wrote the proposition, if subject words, and our website score as can be imagined, in the layout process, did not grasp the theme, is a direct result of the ranking is hard to do. The search engine and users of our website theme will have a judgment, if our website content keywords, Title Correlation degree is not high, it is equivalent to cry up wine and sell vinegar. Common is a website to do more unrelated products or projects, there is a large number of enterprises enterprise station news, industry trends, talent recruitment, registration information during flooding, actually has little effect on the website, the user is not much came to see the news. Therefore, these irrelevant information will interfere with the user’s reading, reduce the relevance of the site, the consequences are also very serious, affecting keywords ranking, enhance website jumping out rate. Therefore, we only realize that correlation and user demand are closely related, and fully address the needs of users in order to make the rankings more stable.

different levels of correlation will have different effects, affecting the length of stay and the rate of conversion. According to the meaning expressed by the website information, the correlation can be divided into complete correlation, partial correlation, and completely unrelated classification level. Completely related is the content in full compliance with the title, is in part related to the theme, is part of a theme and other content full, completely unrelated is only around him, wide of the mark. For example, a Nike basketball shoes website, if the content of this site focuses on every kind of Nike basketball shoes, both men and women, the length of color, is this a Nike basketball shoes, this is completely related. But if this site Nike basketball shoes is split into two words and Nike basketball shoes, there will be two parts related to the case, one is added to other brand basketball shoes, the other one is to join the other Nike products, shoes as the main keywords and Nike is the brand keywords, so the relationship between the first case the second point is better than. The last is the site if there are other brands of clothing, this is completely irrelevant, if considered from the content, clothing and shoes also have a certain degree of relevance, but has not served in five relatives, the effect is as can be imagined.

according to the correlation principle, we mainly grasp two aspects, namely station correlation and station correlation.

station related applications

1, home page correlation

home page is the focus of a website theme, but also reflects the site’s most important part of the value of the theme, we first grasp is the navigation settings. What is the user want to see most of the site, we first presented to him. For those that are not of great use, you can put them at the back or bottom.

2, internal page recommendation relevance

for the internal page, all need to link the form of the station, recommend to customers to enhance the amount of view, so the chain recommended