How to successfully operate a product through nternet Marketing

suddenly jumped out of my mind, "if I were given a product and operated through an Internet marketing model, what would I do?"

heard so much training, have seen so many customers like case, did not find any website is to use a comprehensive marketing network, is only good at several points, it has achieved good results. Ideally, if I were, how would I sell my product,


I understand a little bit of online marketing knowledge system, just a little understanding of the theory, if I let the actual operation, I may be based on their own knowledge to verify. At least for the time being, I haven’t found any knowledge of Internet marketing that is completely unworkable. So that’s one of my strengths. If you give me a product, and suitable for network marketing model, how should I operate


network marketing seems something to put on the site to sell; if only so that I may be in the major electricity supplier platform will open a store, and then sell slowly, but the theme of today’s network marketing, will not discuss the Tmall Taobao Jingdong and other e-commerce platform, only to independent web site operators to build B2C vertical business model, and there is only one product. But it takes a lot of effort to build up your popularity by selling out on the internet.

tidy idea think about the problem, although often contact with the network marketing, but it seems to have never thought of network marketing planning and operation should be how to just think about yourself a little, if you do not know where to start from today, to reflect, to their own re stroked thinking.

if I’m a supplier, what do I want,


I want many customers to sign the bill for me. I want a lot of places to show my brand and build famous brand, NO.1.

through the network marketing should start from where, according to their previous study, tidy up a train of thought, through what means to use network marketing to make money?.

network marketing, the first step: research and planning

conducts surveys based on its products or services:

What do

1 and user groups have,

?What do

2 and user groups do on the Internet?

What does

3 and competitors have?

4, who’s doing better in this industry?

5, why are the peers doing well,


6, what are the advantages of peer


7, what kind of promotion are they using?

8, what are the advantages of my product,


9, what can I do to compete with them,


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