False news and rumors everywhere webmaster should keep sober judgment

everyone knows that the Ministry has recently been considering how to further standardize the Countermeasures on the Internet, from prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, domain name registration to establish a blacklist system, every step toward further regulate the direction of the Internet to promote, but the starting point is good, but because of the following level. Including the relevant managers, including some of the space in the execution has changed, such as the space business because of fear across the board will take in, especially the normal station without any adverse information forum across the board out, not only contrary to the original purchase space agreement, in fact caused by breach of contract, and it is cause an immeasurable loss to the legitimate interests of many individual owners.

this situation led directly to the individual owners have brewing "escape" plan, namely buy Hongkong, outside the United States space for the forum in the form of the site, in order to maintain the webmaster of the dream of entrepreneurship, or continue to provide a platform for exchange and space for some groups. But obviously, now this stage because the official news failed to timely release, so that the majority of owners unable to understand the first time the official real intentions and decisions have to face to "escape" the webmaster group, taking home also appeared uneasy, afraid to lose many customers. Especially many foreign space with a very high price in the space station number and capacity and flow, especially some foreign space can also solve the domestic space has long been a headache and three double line visits, speed is not lost in the space, which is likely to cause the domestic webmaster once out, do not want to back to the situation, it means that the domestic space business will directly loss for the great number of webmaster. So how to stop a wave like this, many space operators playing abacus, a time of domestic media especially the webmaster forum is really full of false news press, reprint volume 3300, so even if the search is difficult to find the so-called "news" is the most reliable source of.

today, that is, in December 21st, the webmaster training network found that there has been a particularly representative "news event" in this particular period". The cause of the incident is as follows: 21 day at 12:44 in the morning, with ifeng.com financial channel appeared quite authoritative one called ministry intends to push the exit the domain name system did not record the white list will not be able to access the "news", the most concern is the webmaster said: "in December 16th, Chinese industrial the Ministry of information and the domain name registration service and management institutions, held a special action meeting in Beijing. At the conference, China will not be allowed to use the international domain name registered in China unless it does not resolve the name of the domain name which has not been filed." This article, webmaster circle in an uproar, especially after the forum reprint unexpectedly appeared in the title: "the owners don’t want to run abroad is of no use! So many webmaster chilling! According to take expression after countless webmasters may be diverted, no longer stand.

but things have changed dramatically since then, at 8 in the evening