Chess game unlimited prospects for personalized service

in recent years, chess very fire, very popular in these large chess platform across the country, with the bandwidth of the popularity, changes in the structure of user groups, local chess game platform to attract users more and more consolidation. For example, Huaian network access whipped egg number more than 260 thousand, the highest number of 20 thousand people online, to create a national local chess game online rate miracle, fully illustrated by netizens favorite local chess game.

why local chess games are so loved by the majority of users? The main reason is that the local chess game more entertaining, not too high technical difficulty, conforms to the local user habits and, in one word, "the local chess game to pay more attention to the user experience, so to attract a large number of office workers and older, users, and these users have certain consumption habits, they are also very willing to spend money on entertainment consumption recharge, pass the time, so the local chess game profit model is very clear.

and online games, online chess entertainment platform, whether it is in the user base, user stability, loyalty, or in the provision of products and services, there are significant advantages and differences. Hundreds of millions of registered users, millions of online at the same time, is any online game can not match. In the target customer segments, the vast majority of online poker game users for the 25-50 year old high-income class. These players generally have a stable career and income, the ability to buy more pay, emotional thinking is relatively mature, but the consumer awareness of its game products is not strong.

play chess game, the main purpose is to relax in the work of study, entertainment, puzzle, making friends, and thus the risk to manufacturers and society is relatively small. To fight against the main theme of the network game, its core user is 18-24 year-old youth groups, this group accounted for the total number of network game player to reach 57.3%, the relative pay, the product loyalty is not high, but relatively strong consumer awareness. The main purpose of their game is to pursue excitement, fashion, competition, and a high sense of perception in the game.

the billions of dollars of online chess game game player, most are located in the Tencent, Lianzhong, the middle, and recently reverted to Shanda’s winger game platform, the daily prime time, the platform while online number has reached millions of giant. They have formed a more mature profit model, such as online advertising, telecommunications providers, membership systems, product sales, e-commerce, competition and fee games.

although the chess game loved by the majority of users, profit model is very clear, but due to the development of a certain degree of difficulty, and costly, the development of a local chess game at least hundreds of thousands, millions, local portal site has to spend huge sums of money to develop the chess game rather than choose high performance gaming platform development company you can save the cost, the funds used in the promotion of the game.