Latest 4 digital domain transaction summary

love network ( reported on November 12th, recently, 4 digital domain name transactions frequently broke news, the market is also rising. The following small series for everyone to sum up the recent transactions of the 4 digits,.Com domain name, and its latest market.



recent transactions 4 digital.Com domain names, some of the details, as shown above. Among them, without 0, 4 of the 4 digital.Com domain name transaction price from seven digit to six digit range. The domain name is domain name investors Muye acquisition from abroad to over one million yuan price in the near future, and acquired by Zhang Yao in the valuation of more than six digits. From these transactions, you can find that the same does not have numbers 0, 4, such as,, and other digital 4.Com digital domain name, the transaction price is often higher than other types of domain names. This is also because the digital domain name, if the more regular the number, its input memory is more convenient, the domain name, the better the phase, the corresponding value will naturally high.

According to the

diagram recent transactions, combined with the market that, until now, 4 of the 4 with 0 digital.Com domain name market has exceeded 250 thousand, at around 260 thousand, the current price is still a small rise. If you encounter numbers such as 8, 6 and other auspicious numbers and regular numbers, then the domain name transaction price will generally reach seven figures.

and contains 0, 4 of the ordinary 4 digital.Com domain name, because the product phase, the price may be slightly close. As can be seen from recent transactions, prices range from big five to six figures. Trading prices like and broke through six figures. According to the latest market shows that ordinary 4 digital.Com domain names currently at about five figures, the price volatility is not, but is a little better, even with the number 0 and 4, the transaction price reached hundreds of thousands is not a problem.

after all, compared to 2, 3 digital domain, 4 digital.Com domain price more "down to earth", and the recent stir 6, 7 digital domain, 4 digital domain resources more scarce, the value is guaranteed. At present, the 4 digital.Com domain name for the construction of financial, gaming, lottery, games and other more appropriate, there are examples of terminal enabled. From the recent trading and market point of view, the entire 4 digital domain name market potential is not small, the market is still heating up.

– the domain name transaction data is compiled from the love name network and does not represent the final transaction and the price

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