do a little experience in the process of promoting weight loss products website

recently, a friend asked me how to make his weight loss products website ranked Baidu home page, why other people’s weight loss products website can rank better than him before, how to improve weight loss keywords ranking. I’ll sort it out, and I hope it helps.

1, stick to it. This is the website keyword ranking to lose weight, you may try to give up 99 days, second days, the ranking put out, so it is important to remember that, nothing more than the poorest beggar, will eventually die early.

2, learning. Many of my friends do start confused, I is the forum to lose weight? Or the reprint introduced a few methods of weight loss of the article? Is there any weight loss website profit good method? Remember confused when you need to stop charging, when early have a lot of problems, not to hurry to ask others to A5 there are many foundational articles such Adsense website, after reading you will find your problems less, you need to gradually reduce the learning time and gradually into a stage of action.

3, action. No good practice methods, more, eventually effect is zero, so learn good website promotion methods of others, find a good weight-loss product keywords, will immediately proceed to use the knowledge to promote, when you first time, promotion difficult is the lowest, while income was the largest therefore, to be good at learning achievements into action.

above are some of the principles of things, the following began to talk about dry goods.

1, why other people’s weight loss sites are garbage, but they can row in front of me?

answer: remember, don’t look at other people’s shortcomings, to find the advantage of others, to lose weight in the industry ranked the forefront of the site must have their own unique advantage, if you can find the top three weight loss website each site and exploit an advantage, I believe that you can occupy a space for one person in this market. Your job is not to help others to find fault, not to complain about the search engine, but to learn the advantages of others.

2, why other people’s weight loss articles can be arranged in front of my home page.


or above that, generally speaking, the advantages of multi look for others, don’t look for the shortcomings of others, you are willing to help your competitors or the progress of their own progress? Search engine ranking outside the chain within the chain: + + content, others ranking must be one or a few do better than you in place.

3, every day I try to promote weight loss website, why ranking still does not move,


search engine ranking is a dynamic process, the same job, you do what others are doing, this is like running, you are to move forward, others in efforts to move forward, and even have started a lot of people before you, in this case, you want to go beyond the opponent, you need to pay more than the opponent.